L’hôtel le plus romantique du monde est belge

The most romantic hotel in the world is Belgian

At the World Luxury Hotel Awards, which took place this year in… Finnish Lapland, the coveted prize for the best romantic luxury hotel in the world was awarded to the Heritage Hotel in the heart of the city of Bruges.

Member of the prestigious Relais et Châteaux chain, this establishment offers twenty-two rooms and suites as well as a wellness area and a restaurant “Le Mystique”. It belongs to the couple Johan and Isabelle Creytens who have already won nine prestigious hotel awards in the past four years.

The Hôtel Héritage obviously has the advantage of being located in the most romantic of Belgian cities, even in Europe. What’s more, the historic building dating from 1869 fits into the medieval heart of Bruges. Johan Creytens is very proud of this trophy: “It rewards our many investments and the dedication of our team,” he said. Maintaining the exceptional level of service is a daily challenge. Being a recognized benchmark for the Belgian hotel industry remains a great satisfaction. ”

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