The not-so-famous brothers and sisters of Hollywood stars

It is not surprising that there are many brothers and sisters in Hollywood, since the mistake of acting tends to spread between families. What movie stars today have a brother or sister, or even several in the same business? Have you ever shared the big screen together? Here are some answers you may not have expected …

Patricia arquette He has 3 brothers in the acting business: Rosanna, Richmond, David Y Alexis, a transsexual born in Robert. David and Rosanna have a strong film career. I couldn’t find a movie in which either of them shared the stage, but if it’s any consolation, David directed an episode of Half, the television show where Patricia is the star. Rosanna guest-starred on the show in 2008, as did Richmond in 2006.

John cusack has two older sisters in the business: Joan, an acclaimed actor you’ve seen in supporting roles in countless movies, two of which saw her nominated for Oscars, and Ana, which is practically unknown. All three brothers were part of the cast of the hit comedy, Grosse Pointe Blank (1997). Joan and John have also worked together on several other films.

Owen wilson, the popular comedy star has two brothers who also act, Luke Y Andrew. Andrew has only appeared in four movies, while Luke is almost as famous as Owen. Luke and Owen appeared in the 2001 comedy The Royal Tennenbaums.

Alec baldwin: This important Hollywood actor has three little brothers, Club, Stephen Y Daniel, all the actors. While Alec is one of the best actors in Hollywood, none of his brothers have achieved star status. Neither of them has ever worked together on a movie, although Alec had come up with a movie script for the four of them to act together, which to date has not materialized.

Matt dillon, the 46-year-old star of such critically acclaimed films as Shock (2005), has a younger brother, actor Kevin, who has participated in some 29 films, most in supporting roles. Kevin and Matt have never appeared in a movie together.

Ralph fiennes, the highly respected British actor, nominated for an Oscar for his roles in Schindler’s list (1993) more The English Patient (1996), has a younger brother who is also famous, Joseph. Joseph was also nominated for an Oscar for two of his roles, including the lead in Shakespeare in love (1998). The brothers have never shared a film set.

Julia Roberts, the Oscar-winning American actor has an older brother Eric., who has been in the cast of over 110 movies, most of them forgettable. Julia had a small role in Red blood (1987), in which Eric had a leading role.

Ben affleck, the “A” list star, has a younger brother, Casey, a highly respected actor you’ve seen in the Ocean’s Eleven (2001) film and its two sequels. Both brothers acted in the Oscar winner Goodwill hunting (1997).

Sean Penn Dyed a younger brother, Chris, who died in 2006 at age 40. Chris participated in 46 films, including the critically acclaimed The funeral (1996), and acted alongside Sean for Close up in 1986.

Charlie sheen: The star of Platoon (1986) and financial world (1987) has an older brother, Emilio estevez, actor / director best known for his role in the mega hit Teen Anguish, The breakfast club (1984). Emilio and Charlie co-starred Young guns (1988) and Men working (1990). Charlie’s real name is Carlos estevez, in case you’re wondering! His father is an actor Martin sheen (Ramon Estévez), and two of his other brothers, Renee Y Ramon jr They are also actors, but not very well known.

Jake gyllenhaal, the highest rated star, has an older sister, Maggie,. Maggie is a rising star in her own right, though mostly for supporting roles. They were both brothers on the independent film screen. Donny danko in 2001.

Jeff Bridges, the 2010 Oscar winner has an older brother Handsome, who acted in more than 90 films. The brothers co-starred in the critical success. The fabulous Baker Boys in 1989. His father is the deceased Lloyd Bridges.

Jane fonda, the veteran star is the older sister of Fart, the actor who became famous with the cult hit of the 60s Easy rider. They did not appear together in any movies despite the fact that they both have a very long career. His father is the deceased Henry fonda.

Elisabeth shue, the blonde actress who rose to fame as the star of Adventures in childcare, has a younger brother, Andrew, best known for his role in Melrose place, the original television show that aired during the 1990s. They both appeared on Gracie (2007), which Andrew also produced.

Michael madsen, the character actor who has nearly 100 film credits, has a younger sister, an actress Virginia. They both appeared in Being Michael Madsen, a little-known mockumentary from 2008.

Dennis Quaid he is the younger brother of Horny, who earned an Oscar nomination for The last detail (1973). Mainly cast in supporting roles, Randy shared supporting credits with Dennis for The long riders (1980).

Mark Wahlberg has an older brother, Donnie, with whom he is continually confused. They both first rose to fame as part of the boy band. New kids on the block in the 80s and 90s before turning to acting. Donnie has never co-starred with his brother in any movie.

Jennifer tilly, the squeaky-voiced fatal woman of Woody Allen comedy Bullets Over Broadway (1994), has a younger sister, Meg, who was actually the biggest star, but stopped acting after 1995. Note that her real last name is Chan, since his father was of Chinese descent. They never co-starred in any movies.

Jason bateman, the character actor you’ve seen in so many movies in recent years, including the hit comedy Juno (2007), is the younger brother of Justine bateman, who is best remembered for her role on the hit ’80s television show, Family ties. Justine co-starred with Jason Development arrested, a television series.

Let’s not forget two superstar brothers: veteran actors Shirley MacLaine and younger half brother Warren beatty. Both were born Beaty (one t) and never shared film credits.

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