Le top des positions sexuelles qui brûlent le plus de calories !

The top sex positions that burn the most calories!

Making love with your partner not only is good for morale but also boosts the whole body and burns a lot of energy: technology has made it possible to know which positions burn the most calories!

Having to be quarantined at home can have consequences on mental health, but also on the physical. Having relationships (as a couple during this period) can help you feel better, lighter in your head but also in your body … because these activities consume energy and therefore calories!

A chain of golf shops, GolfSupport.com has sought out the best sex positions if you want to burn the most calories. To find out, they gave Fitbits to 112 heterosexual couples, and told them to indulge in various positions.

The number of calories lost during 30 minutes in each sexual position is the average taken for all the men and women participating in the survey. At the same time, GolfSupport.com sought to learn more about the position that women find most enjoyable in the bedroom.

The results revealed that women burn the most calories during the squat – more exactly 188 calories. And it could even go up to 224 calories. The same cannot be said of men, who only burn 50 calories in this position, but have a lot of fun …

A variation of the “doggy style” in which the woman lifts one leg also burns a lot of calories in both men and women. Women can lose around 149 calories in this position, while men burn around 167!

Another position that favors the brave is the standing position. In fact, it’s the second most intense position for men, who burn around 198 calories trying to have fun while not letting their partner down.

At the same time, GolfSupport.com asked the women participating in the survey what the best position to achieve orgasm is. The doggy style comes first with 79% followed by the squat (72%). The missionary (63%) is doing well as are the raised legs (64%)

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