The truth about male intimate waxing

Women used to be the main market for hair removal. However, recently, more and more men are interested in receiving male hair removal treatments. Waxing for men is gaining prominence because waxing is best suited for difficult-to-remove male hair. The beard is a facial hair that requires waxing. When a man waxes his beard, there is no unsightly stubble left. Generally, there are two types of waxing that men use: general body waxing and male intimate waxing.

A general body wax treatment is when the therapist removes hair from the person’s back, face, and chest. Intimate waxing is when waxing is performed on the genital area, particularly on pubic hair. When it comes to male intimate wax treatment, there are certain problems associated with the procedure.

New techniques and next-generation stripless waxes used for treatment can help the client feel comfortable and relaxed. It is not as painful as it used to be. And the results are fast. Once this is done, the hairs are effectively removed. It is easy to see the difference before and after the procedure.

Male intimate hair removal consists of removing hair from the genitals and private areas. This can include the butt, pubic area, shaft, scrotum, crevice, and perineum. For best results, it is important to epilate when hair has grown at least 0.25 inches in length. The treatment removes hair from the root not just on the surface. That is why it takes longer for hair to grow back compared to ordinary shaving. It usually takes up to 8 weeks for hair to grow back.

During the eight weeks, the client does not need to shave or trim at all. Also, once the hairs grow back, the texture is usually much finer than before. The skin where hair is removed also appears smoother. The reason for this is that the wax removes not only the roots of the hair, but also the dead skin cells. And since the client is not using a razor blade to remove hair, the chances of cutting or irritating the skin are greatly reduced. That is why many men prefer to receive male hair removal treatments today.

As with all intimate wax treatments, it is important to remove all clothing so that the therapist can easily reach the intimate parts. There are different styles of male intimate wax that the customer can choose from, such as the Hollywood style, the Brazilian style, and the back-sack-crack (BSC) style. The most common treatment is the Brazilian style. This style requires removal of hair on the middle and buttocks, but retains some on the pubic mound.

Hollywood male waxing treatment is when the therapist removes all hair from private parts including pubic triangle and leg crease. The back-sac-crack style, as the name implies, removes hair starting at the back, then the shaft, the crack, and the butt. The choice of style depends on what the customer prefers. Also, many therapists have different names for male intimate hair removal treatments, so it is often best to check which treatment you need and confirm that it is the correct option.

A particular problem related to the male intimate hair removal procedure is when a client has an erection in the middle of the treatment. This is a potentially embarrassing situation for both the client and the therapist. But seasoned therapists know for a fact that erection could probably occur during these intimate procedures. The reason for this is that the erection is an adrenal response to physical contact. It’s not exactly a sexual reaction but more of an overactive adrenaline rush.

An experienced therapist recognizes that this is a possibility that could occur among male clients. Typically, the therapist would ignore the incident and continue treatment as if nothing was wrong. The erection will go away in due time. The therapist is not offended because he knows it is a normal male reaction. Also, it could be the emotion triggered by the experience that triggered the reaction. The therapist’s training and confidence to handle a potentially embarrassing situation is the key to defusing the situation. The therapist must be professional enough to be able to solve the problem.

After the male waxing treatment, it is important that the client wears loose, clean clothing to avoid irritation. The skin is a little more sensitive after the procedure. Aftercare at the end of treatment requires the client to refrain from taking hot baths or entering saunas and steam rooms. Gently exfoliating your skin with an exfoliating product three times a week during the shower can also help prevent ingrown hairs. Using a skin moisturizer in the area can also keep the skin supple and new hairs to grow normally.

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