Il va faire superbe pour ce dernier week-end estival: où en profiter un max à Bruxelles, en Wallonie ou à la mer

The weather will be superb for this last summer weekend: where to make the most of it in Brussels, Wallonia or by the sea

By the sea, in Wallonia, or without a car in Brussels, take advantage of the last summer weekend outdoors.

The weather will be particularly mild and beautiful this weekend. You might as well take advantage of it before entering winter for good. And that is good. Many events outside still punctuate the news.

In Wallonia

Those are the Wallonia festivals in Nivelles. On Saturday, it will be an opportunity to stroll through the lively city and to go to the main square for the 41st festival of craft beers and local products. Which will end with an Alec Mansion concert at 9 p.m. and fireworks at 10:30 p.m.

Our Lady of the Rose. In Lessines, not far from Ath, there is one of the oldest hospitals in Europe. In this sumptuous architectural ensemble, we can rediscover a whole part of our history and the history of medicine and pharmacy from the 15th to the 19th centuries through a large exhibition of more than 300 pieces. And it is quite simply impressive to walk in the rooms and the corridors but also to discover the baroque chapel, the cloister, the gardens, the sick room, the convent and the garden of medicinal plants.

At the sea

In addition to taking the air on the dike and the beaches, many events are still taking place on the coast at the start of autumn. The Dunes Abbey Museum in Saint-Idesbald allows you to stroll through the remains of an abbey dating from the 13th century while the museum in its exhibition “Building for Eternity” offers an interesting perspective on the gigantic construction project of the abbey, the construction techniques, materials and people who participated in its realization.

Also to test the virtual reality experience. Put on your virtual reality glasses and go back to the year 1490, when the abbey was in full swing!

AT Koksijde-Oostduinkerke, on September 21, the Oostduinkerke Kids offers many entertainment and activities for children until the autumn holidays.

Finally, to change your habits a little, you can go for a walk with an inhabitant of the coast, a “Belgian Coast Greeter“local.

This enthusiastic volunteer who adores his town will take you to discover places that you do not necessarily know, will tell you lots of stories and will of course give you his best addresses.

In Brussels

Unmissable and concluding the week of mobility, the car free day seizes Brussels this Sunday, September 22 with multiple areas of discovery.

And like every year, the weather will be fine, all you have to do is choose your mount: on foot, by public transport, by bike, on a scooter or a mix of all that!

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