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Things to consider for the installation of a modern garage door

In modern times, garage doors are mostly out-of-the-box fashion doors. These doors come in a variety of designs. The construction material for these units is steel, wood, wrought iron, and even glass and other composites. Trendy residential garage doors elevate the beauty and highlight the entire structure. Most of these are prefabricated arrangements and can also be made following specific designs according to the architectural plan. In addition to residential garage uses, there is another segment of industrial and commercial garage doors. These units made for non-residential building garages are generally made of rolled steel and have various functional uses. The general type of doors are either manually operated or constructed with mechanical devices to open or close. Normally, the installation of garage doors for mechanical operation comes with an installation guide to facilitate installation and subsequent operation, as well as maintenance. In fact, most heavy doors are mechanically operated units. Installation of these automatic units is difficult and may require the assistance of manufacturers’ technicians.

Being lighter in weight, manual doors are easily raised or lowered with the support of conveniently positioned handles for adequate leverage. Due to fewer elements involved, manual units are easy to install. Also, these are more dependent from a security point of view. However, heavy manual doors are not easy to install. Specific skill is required to handle heavy doors. For the installation of these, it is better to rely on experts. Automatic or mechanical type doors are popular due to the convenience of handling. These doors work with a drive wheel system and traction cables. The system is the same for all the heavy doors of whatever material they are.

Manufacturers provide consumer-friendly kits that contain full support for buyers who want to fix themselves. The step-by-step installation instructions are usually easy to understand, but in reality, the installation process may not be as easy as it seems. It does not mean that a homeowner cannot do the installation on his own. Many people have good do-it-yourself experience and can install these types of doors, whether they are automatic or manual.

Before starting, you should carefully read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the components. The next thing is to take all the necessary steps to be ready with the base work. This is the most crucial part of the installation process. An error in the leveling and parallel position of the rails will interfere with the proper alignment and adjustment of the door. If in doubt, the smartest thing to do is seek the help of a professional. If the new door is part of the home renovation process, the existing one may need to be removed. Once again, one must remember the problem of removing the door, especially if it is heavy. The installation of automatic doors basically consists of fixing the rails with brackets. The second step is to connect the blind components and parts following the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, the motor unit needs to be connected.

When installing such doors, great care must be taken with such things as the heavy weight of the door, the high tension spring, leveling and alignment, and the involvement of electricity, if automatic.

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