Thinking of getting a piercing? Stainless steel is the best option!

Body piercings are a fashion favorite these days. However, most people are not very particular when it comes to jewelry material. Stainless steel is the winner when it comes to any type of body jewelry.

Whether you want to get an ear piercing, a navel piercing, a nose piercing, or a dermal piercing, body jewelry can bring out your best features. There are many types of jewelry available these days, which can make it difficult for a person to decide which material is best suited for them. If you want jewelry that does not cause a rash, discomfort, or skin irritation, stainless steel is the best option for you. Most people think of surgical instruments when they look at stainless steel. However, this high-quality, industrial-grade material could be a great choice when it comes to body jewelry. You may not believe it, but pure steel can look exquisite on even the most delicate-looking jewelry.

The color of the stainless steel is a nice muted silver shade, making it a great choice for understated but elegant jewelry. This is one of the reasons why this material is gaining so much popularity in jewelry. Many jewelry manufacturers have started using stainless steel to make riveted jewelry and dainty bangles. In fact, the color of stainless steel has gained such popularity that it is a staple in urban-themed fashion and jewelry.

The advantage of stainless steel is that, while it has a high degree of strength, it can also be easily bent. While it may take more effort to bend it into any desired shape, the fact is that once made into the finished shape, it will retain the same shape longer than other materials used in jewelry. Also, stainless steel has at least 10% chromium and, as we all know, chromium mixes with oxygen to form an invisible layer of chromium oxide. It is this protective cover or layer that gives the material its “stainless” name. It means that uncontaminated steel is extremely resistant to any type of corrosion. This makes it an excellent choice for all types of jewelry. Let’s face it: who wouldn’t want their jewelry to retain its shine and last for years?

Unlike the softer base-type metals often used in jewelry, or carbon steel, pure steel is highly resistant to wear and tear. It is also resistant to oxidation, rust and discoloration. Due to the fact that it is not plated, it will not chip or fade over a period of time. If you stay in a very humid environment, stainless steel is an excellent choice because it does not corrode or fade over time.

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