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Three Reasons to Consider Building Your Own Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is a wall bed that is built on hinges and can be folded away when not in use. If you need such a bed, either for your home or office, you can get the required plans and do it yourself. This is said to be a very interesting project as long as you have some basic carpentry skills and some basic tools with you. Fixing this bed would be a very easy task if you have some basic knowledge of woodworking projects and are familiar with certain measurements, terms and use of tools. There are three main reasons why one should install this bed on their own.

1. Murphy bed plans are useful if you have a very small house, condo or apartment.

In urban areas space is at a premium. For example, a three-bedroom condo that is only 1,000 square feet in Harlem costs almost half a million dollars. Installing a Murphy bed in such a small living space makes sense and is also a great idea.

2. Murphy bed plans are necessary if you need a home office with no extra rooms to spare.

In recent days, many people are working from home, either totally or partially. If you are one of them, you would need an organized workspace to get the job done. If there are no additional or free rooms, installing this bed would be the most convenient option.

3. Murphy bed plans are essential if you need an extra place for family or guests to sleep.

If you expect extra guests over the weekend and don’t have enough space to fit an extra bed, this bed also comes to your rescue. The sofa is an option, but only for a night or two, but no more than that. But, for more than 2 days or when the guest is going to stay longer, it is better to install this type of bed.

The benefit of installing this bed is that the sleeping area can be extended into the main living room. With proper planning, a beautiful place can be built that can be converted into a bed when needed. You can avoid the trouble of storing extra cribs and bulky mattresses. One doesn’t even have to put mattress on the floor. Murphy beds are the most comfortable and practical solution for everyday use.

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