Le top 10 des mésaventures les plus vécues en matière de sexe

Top 10 Most Experienced Sex Misadventures

Life is full of unexpected and sometimes embarrassing situations. And sometimes it happens in the midst of … sexual frenzy. With summer more conducive to steamy conversations, the OnBuy site has sought to learn more about the most common sexual misadventures that can happen.

A top 10 has therefore been drawn up. The most common sexual incident is the fall your partner or your furniture: three quarters of the 2544 people questioned say that this has happened to them before.

Second most frequent annoying incident: 71% of respondents got caught by a family member while they were making love … The position can be more delicate than others, as Emily, 22, says: “I made love with my ex, I tied him to the bed, and besides, he had a lot of fun. His father came in and saw us, his buttocks bare, his son’s legs and arms nailed to the bed … ”

In 3rd and 4th position: Cramps which arrive unexpectedly for 68% and an affected eye by ejaculation for 62% of respondents. 54% of respondents have already broke the bed while 51% of them admitted to being fell in the shower while making love.

Finally, 47% have already seen the carpet ignite due to a badly extinguished candle or cigarette, 42% have already stuck an object in one of their holes during sex play and 38% screamed … the wrong first name.

With 5% of cases, knock out ends this top 10 unfortunate sex adventures.

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