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Top 4 Women’s Magazines Worth Subscribing To

The world has come a long way in terms of technology and sophistication. However, none of these changes can replace some things. One of those things is the feeling of having a fresh new magazine, fresh off the press, delivered right to your doorstep. Some women crave dresses and chocolates, while others seek out magazines. However, the prices of these magazines are so exorbitant that the idea of ​​buying them vanishes.

With a cheap subscription options available these days you can get all the best magazines at greatly reduced prices. But beware of scammers.

There are so many magazines out there. Which one should find a place at your front door? Here are the top five magazines that hit the mark.



Vogue is probably the best selling magazine on the face of the earth. It covers beauty, fitness, high-end fashion, inspirational stories about successful women, travel, and scoops galore. This is your window into the parties of the rich and famous and the eyes into the wardrobes of fashionistas. You can get this as cheap as $1 and issue at 70% off the cover price. There are 12 issues in a year and at a reduced price, the magazine will cost you less than $20 a year.


Harper’s Bazaar claims the ultimate authority on fashion. A complete fashion guide for all ages, Bazaar covers celebrities, fashion, parties, gossip, dressing tips, designers, accessories, and tons of “must-have” information in fields related to fitness and body care. As a monthly issue, you’ll get 12 issues a year for a cover price of $50. With a maximum discount of 80%, you can take advantage of it for less than a dollar per issue.


O – Oprah’s Magazine

Unlike the skinny models and anorexic actors on the cover, O always portrays humble Oprah. The magazine exudes a wholesome appeal with a wide range of topics covered for women of note. An ideal magazine for today’s realistic women, from housewives to successful and aspiring entrepreneurs. This monthly magazine can be purchased at a cover price of $55 per year or at a discounted rate of $20 per year.

Physical aptitude…


From fitness to fashion, Shape provides information on how to stay healthy the right way. The fitness tips are absolutely amazingly practical and produce results. His advice on maintaining diets for specific purposes and advice on psychological health care make the magazine a ‘must have’ on your shelf. This lifestyle magazine inspires women to get fit the right way. People are real, and lifestyle advice is more focused on providing a realistic approach to health and fitness.

The needs of a woman are different and therefore they need a separate women’s magazine. A woman has many different deep roles in a society. Furthermore, each of these roles requires a completely different approach. This is what magazines should focus on.

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