Tourisme : 8 destinations pour être au coeur de la nature en Ardenne

Tourism: 8 destinations to be at the heart of nature in the Ardennes

For an excursion that will soon be possible or for a vacation this summer, the Ardennes is almost a must. But which corner to aim for? We help you with these very “natural” places.

The Ardennes: a well-known tourist destination for Belgians (and foreign tourists) which nevertheless represents 20,000 km² in area and 111,307 beds! So where to go to think outside the box? We asked Evelyne Tissot, Marketing Project Manager for the Visit Ardenne association and great connoisseur of the region, to tell us about various totally exotic and original destinations.

Visit Ardenne, a site of promotion and seduction for the destination Ardenne, has just released a campaign in March “Partir loin tout près” which lists dozens and dozens of destinations and refreshing and remarkable places nestled in the province of Liège, from Namur, from Luxembourg but also in the French Ardennes. “The Ardennes is a truly exotic destination with a wide variety of accommodation possibilities, from lodges to guest houses, rental houses to hotels “, explains Evelyne Tissot. “We receive a lot of questions from people who want to know where to go with their family, where to rent large lodgings. I have the impression that there is a strong desire to go back to basics, to rediscover one’s country and to afford vacations. “

The Haute-Sûre Natural Park and Anlier Forest

Cathedral woods for an air of Canada! The return to nature and to the essentials par excellence.

The Ardennes Regional Nature Park

It is located north of the Ardennes in the heart of the Ardennes forest, woods, woods and more woods. Like an air of Vermont in the States!

Viroin Hermeton Natural Park

Take the three valleys steam train in Mariembourg, stop at Vierves-sur-Viroin station, the most beautiful village in Wallonia, and visit the village of Treignes and its 5 museums. A little Provencal spirit under the sun in the middle of calcareous lawns, the local scrubland and in contact with Arthur Masson in his school of yesteryear, the Marcel Pagnol Ardennes. Without missing the exceptional site of Fondry des Chien, located in Nismes, in the town of Viroinval, it is a natural chasm that can be visited with many walks in the area.

Hautes-Fagnes Eifel Nature Park

The summit of the Ardennes in an atmosphere of Russian tundra … To see this, you have to go thousands of kilometers to the north or east of Belgium

Furfooz Park

It definitely offers an air of Dordogne. It is located in the Lesse valley, not far from Dinant, at the gateway to the Ardennes. Remarkable archaeological, natural and geological heritage.

Nisramont lake

Not far from La Roche-en-Ardenne, a wonderful place for sportsmen, the GR passes there and, for the adventurous who love water, we will soon be able to go paddle boarding again! The dam is also spectacular.

Towns and castles

Castles, that’s not what is lacking in the Ardennes! As of course the castle of Clervaux in the Luxembourg Ardennes but also Die Kirsh or the castle of Esch-sur-Sûre, a village with medieval accents, located on a rocky outcrop in a bend of the Sûre. An artificial lake is located nearby.

The most unusual places in the region

Between Wéris that one could very well compare to (a small) Stonehenge, the cemetery which houses Arthur Rimbaud, the mysterious flint tower Eben-Ezer, the Ardennes lists a lot of amazing places, to be discovered here on the pages of suggestions from the site.

Information on the health situation

Note that a tab on the Visit Ardenne site, dedicated to the summer of 2020, is specially devoted to the organization of summer holidays in the region, and includes news relating to accommodation, activities, restaurants … A page that will be regularly updated according to the evolution of the health situation.

And if a survey, conducted by the provincial tourism service of lodges and rental organizations, reports that 1/3 of respondents say they reach a booking rate for vacation rentals of 80%, the possibilities are not lacking. . With an offer of 51,332 beds in camping and 12,998 in hotels, not counting vacation rentals, lodges, lodgings and homestays, the tourist authorities of the Ardennes have already let it be known: the region is ready to welcome Belgian tourism this summer with open arms.

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