Tourisme : le top 10 des villes les plus à cheval sur la propreté

Tourism: the top 10 cities with the greatest emphasis on cleanliness

Travel abroad has just been banned until March. But don’t let that prevent us from projecting ourselves afterwards and dreaming of trips and city-trips.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, many of us never thought about what sleeping in a bed other than our own or sharing a bathroom meant in terms of hygiene and danger. Now we are all hyper-aware of it. With this in mind, the experts at set out to find European capitals with the cleanest accommodation.

Their methodology? They used Airbnb, and Tripadvisor, and calculated the average cleanliness rating of accommodation in popular European capitals, to reveal the cleanest destinations in Europe.

And the three cleanest European capitals are …

Lisbon leads the cleanest European capitals, with an average of 4.79 stars. Among the three sites analyzed, Airbnb in Lisbon obtained the best rating (4.89), closely followed by TripAdvisor (4.87 stars). Visitors’ opinions were considered taking into account the common sentiments: “the rooms were clean and well maintained” and “very very clean and the wearing of the mask and the cleaning of the hands were obligatory”.

Second place goes to Prague. The medieval capital of the Czech Republic scored an average of 4.74 stars overall, with Airbnb stays receiving the highest cleanliness rating (4.87). In third place, with the same average score, Zagreb comes in 3rd position with 4.74 stars.

Then come Rome, Vienna and Moscow, then Warsaw and Paris in 10th position.

And for Airbnb …
Zagreb leads the way with 4.93 stars on Airbnb. Some of the comments from visitors describe their stay in the Croatian capital as “sparkling clean”, “immaculately clean” and “immaculate”. Despite being the sixth cleanest European capital in the world, Moscow ranks second followed by Budapest, Madrid and Amsterdam, with an average cleanliness rating of 4.90 stars on Airbnb.

The top 3 of
Once again Zagreb ranks first as the European capital with the cleanest accommodation on with an average of 4.67 stars. Next come the capital of Poland, Warsaw, with 4.62 stars, and Lisbon with 4.61 stars.

Methodology has selected the list of the most visited European capitals (with the highest tourist traffic) and calculated the average cleanliness scores of accommodation in each city using three sources: Airbnb, and TripAdvisor. For Airbnb and TripAdvisor, the top 40 listings were taken into consideration for each city. The cleanliness rating (out of 5 stars) was assigned to each listing and the corresponding number of reviews was noted. Then the average score was calculated for each city. 4. For, the first 40 listings have been taken into consideration for each. The final score for each city was calculated by finding the average of the three sources for European capitals that have a volume of tourist visitors.

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