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Tourist attractions and things to do in Peterborough

Burghley House and Park in nearby Stamford has beautiful gardens designed by ‘Capability’ Brown, and is surrounded by a deer park. The Surprise Gardens and the Sculpture Garden are very popular with visitors throughout the year. The magnificent Tudor mansion was built in the 16th century by the architect William Cecil, it has four ranges, the North, South East and West, with courtyards designed with an Italian influence of imposing wings surrounding the classical courtyards. Burghley House itself is a wonderful backdrop to the rolling gardens. If you like to visit historic houses and gardens, also take a trip to Lyveden New Bield near Oundle. It was never finished, but has an Elizabethan garden which is said to be one of the oldest surviving English garden landscapes.

Peterborough Cathedral is a must see, it is considered one of the best cathedrals in England. The Cathedral offers historical exhibitions, concerts and impressive architecture to appreciate. Catherine of Aragon was buried here and it is also the former resting place of Mary, Queen of Scots. The hand-painted nave ceiling is an incredible vision of craftsmanship and you can climb the tower to see the stupendous panorama of Peterborough from the highest point in the city.

For an even earlier day of history, go see the Flag Fen Bronze Age Center. The monument at Flag Fen is a wooden causeway, discovered in 1982 after radiocarbon dating, it was found to be over 3000 years old, dated to 1000 BC. C. and is the size of Wembly Stadium. At Flag Fen you can explore how the Fen Celts lived thousands of years ago. The Bronze Age farm has been reconstructed to give you an insight into the lifestyle and daily activities of the people. From Roman round houses and herb garden to loom weaving and ancient crafts, you’ll discover the rich and magical history of the bogs.

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