Voyage au pays du street art

Travel to the land of street art

This article is part of our tourist advice section.

In the center of France, in the countryside, Street Art City welcomes artists from all over the world.

If you think street art is just a vulgar smear similar to the tags and graffiti that cover trains or highway bridges, a visit to Street Art City in Lurcy-Levis will soon change your mind. notice.

Very good, but where is Lurcy-Levis? In the heart of France, in the Allier department. It’s hard to find more rural for an art that we associate with big cities.

Originally there was an imposing France Telecom building intended to train its staff in occupational safety.

Abandoned in 1992, it has experienced a new life since 2003 by welcoming artists from all over the world who reside there for months. A situation in the countryside which visibly stimulates their creativity.


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