Trends towards health and wellness in 2013, Part I

Trends towards health and wellness in 2013, Part I

Heading into the New Year there are resolutions, goals, trends, and forecast activity and interest lists for the next 12 months. Trends seen through the prism of annual predictions include:

1. Health

2. Sustainability

3. Increased use and consumption of vegetables

4. Snacks and mini meals

5. Buy smart proteins

6. Meatless meals

7. Food transparency

8. Cooking Your Own aka CYO

9. Guilty pleasures

10. Local, Local, Local

Each of the ten has qualities to help achieve well-being. I have divided this list in half and will discuss the first five trends in this post. I’ll cover the remaining trends in “Health and Wellness Trends in 2013-Part II.”

In general, we all strive to achieve some aspect of health: for a healthy planet, sustainability is a key component. For a healthy body, fitness and a balanced diet are essential. When looking for healthy food options, people are looking for answers to food-related questions. I’ll continue to share information, tips, and tactics to help keep you on the right path to good nutrition, fitness, and wellness. The trends forecast for the coming year have synergy—they can work together to help you achieve healthier lifestyle goals.

Sustainability Using a simple definition relates to methods of using or collecting resources so that resources are not wasted or permanently damaged. This can affect food choices during the week. Look for options that minimize food prep time and manage your food budget to avoid overspending and food waste. For example, grill two whole chickens at the same time, use one for a grilled chicken noodle dinner, use the second for chicken sandwiches and shredded chicken enchiladas. Make chicken noodle soup with the body and noodles from the roast chicken dinner and use the rest of the second chicken to make a rich-flavored chicken broth that’s ready to use in your freezer.

Vegetables they are both a descriptor and a power food on the hot list. Greens are edible leaves of plants such as beets, dandelions, kale, mustard, Swiss chard, and turnips. These dark green, leafy vegetables are nutrient-dense and contain minerals, vitamin C, and many of the B vitamins. They are low in calories and a good source of fiber. Greens have grown in popularity and availability; they are traditionally steamed, stir-fried, or slow-cooked. Uses now include vegetables as ingredients in salads, soups, sandwiches, and more.

Snacks and Mini Meals they are growing in popularity as people snack throughout the day. Small bites, the acceptability of an appetizer instead of the main course in restaurants, tapas, and bite-sized portions are all options that have helped fuel the increase. Research from food industry research leader NPD Group indicates that more than half of Americans snack two to three times a day, while one in five eating occasions is a snack. Snacks as part of the daily diet are an important option for a healthy diet. Wise snack choices like Greek-style yogurt, medium-sized apple or orange, and almonds boost energy and reduce hunger to prevent overeating at mealtime. Snacking throughout the day is especially important in managing diabetes.

Buy smart proteins include beans and other vegetables, tofu, cheese, and eggs. Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet, but it doesn’t always have to come from a piece of meat or poultry; there are many options that have less fat and less price. You can substitute tofu for meat in lasagna, choose beans and rice such as red beans or black beans the signature dishes of popular ethnic cuisines. There are also protein-rich grains such as quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth. The grains are gluten-free and can be served as hot cereals or ingredients in salads, breads, soups, and casseroles.

carry: Health and wellness continue to be hot topics for 2013. If your goal for the year is to improve nutrition, increase fitness and focus on your well-being, you can trust these trends to keep you on track.

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