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Tyrol remains penultimate in terms of wages, almost two thirds went to men |  Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Tyrol remains penultimate in terms of wages, almost two thirds went to men | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Weniger als ein Drittel der Frauen arbeitet ganzjährig in Vollzeit.

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Innsbruck, Vienna – As with the income study of the social insurance (TT reported in autumn), the analysis of wage tax data by Statistics Austria for the year 2019 gave a very similar picture.

With a mean gross income of EUR 27,312 per year, Tyrol was in penultimate place in the income comparison of the federal states. The highest incomes were in Lower Austria with 31,920 euros. That was over € 4600 gross more than in Tyrol. The difference to the average income in Austria was 5 percent or around 1,400 euros gross per year. That was over 900 euros a year, criticizes the Tyrolean Chamber of Labor. The Tyroleans would have had to work around three weeks longer a year in order to reach the Austrian average.

8.2 billion euros to men, 4.6 billion euros to women

Of the total of 12.8 billion euros in earned income, almost two thirds (8.2 billion euros) went to men and 4.6 billion euros to women. While men’s incomes in Tyrol were slightly above the Austrian average, according to the AK, women’s incomes fell significantly. The mean annual gross income of the female employees was 20,484 euros and was thus 9 percent lower than the Austro average. Tyrol’s women ended up in last place.

In addition to seasonal work and the high proportion of tourism (14 compared to 8 percent in Austria’s average), the AK primarily identifies the above-average proportion of part-time work in Tyrol as the main reason for the wage gap. On average in Austria, 51 percent of employees worked full-time throughout the year. In Tyrol this proportion was only 47 percent. While almost 62 percent of men had a year-round full-time job, this was the case for just under 31 percent of women.

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Unfortunately, the Corona crisis will worsen the income situation in Tyrol again, warns the AK. Unemployment has more than doubled.

The Innsbruck-Land district had the highest median income at € 30,069 gross per year. The lowest average income was in Landeck at 23,543 euros gross. (TT)

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