Understanding Organo Gold: Can You Really Make Money With Organo Gold?

Understanding Organo Gold: Can You Really Make Money With Organo Gold?

Founded in 2008, Gold Organ offers drinks and nutritional supplements, simple and delicious. The products are mainly related to coffee and tea. They focus almost all of their products around an ingredient known as Ganoderma. What Ganoderma is supposed to do is build a strong and healthy body while increasing life expectancy. In addition to Ganoderma-containing products, they also offer a business or income opportunity for those who have an interest in sharing their products with others. However, can you really earn a legitimate income with the Organo Gold opportunity?

The thing: As mentioned above, Organo Gold offers beverages and supplements that contain Ganoderma. I will explain some of these products along with the benefits of each along with the price when available. Two of the products will be beverage related and one will be supplement related.

1. King of Premium Gourmet Organic Coffee – This $46.50 box of coffee comes with 25 sachets per box and contains pure organic Ganoderma. To enjoy this drink all you have to do is place one of the packets in your coffee cup, add hot water and mix. It is designed to give drinkers the benefits of Ganoderma and supports the overall well-being of the body.

2. Gourmet Hot Chocolate – For only $31.50 you can get a box of this product with 15 Sachets all enhanced with Ganoderma Lucidum. It has a rich flavor and requires the same instructions as the King of Organic Coffee; For, Add hot water and mix! It is designed to support the well-being and general health of the body as well.

3. Ganoderma Spore Powder – Like almost all of their products, this supplement is enhanced with Ganoderma Lucidum. This product can be purchased in packages of 90 capsules for $99.00. It was designed to extract as much potency as possible from Ganoderma and contains rich, natural beneficial compounds for overall health and well-being.

The opportunity: Just like any other company around the world, Organo Gold has a compensation plan. This is how distributors can make a profit by marketing or selling their products, payments can be daily, weekly and/or monthly. There are seven total ways to earn money or rewards through the Organo Gold business or income opportunity: Retail Profit, Fast Track Bonus, Double Team Bonus, Single Tier Bonus, Single Tier Matching Bonus, Generational Bonus, and Global Bonus Pool. I will explain some.

1.Retail benefit – This is where it all starts to earn money through Organo Gold. When selling products to retail customers, you can earn profits of up to 50% paid daily and/or weekly.

2. Double Team Bonuses – This form of payment is only offered on a weekly basis, but if you can grow your business, you will get paid this way. They use a binary point system when it comes to this payout by building one team to your left and one to your right. Once you are able to build and motivate your two business teams, you have the potential to earn a whopping $75,000 per week!

3. Global Bonus Pool – This is the maximum reward that Organo Gold offers to its distributors and is earned Monthlypaid Quarterly. When and if you reach this payout level, you can actually earn 3% of the Total Commissionable Volume of a level worldwide. In other words, you are paid for the entire success of the company with a 3% stake. Wow!

The cost: To become a distributor and take advantage of the Organo Gold business or income opportunity, there are two main things you need to do: Has to do!

1. Sign up – Register in the company and as an Independent Distributor. This process is very simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

2. Buy a commercial entry kit – The cost of the Business Kit is $49.95. Once you’ve completed enrollment and purchased this Business Kit, you’re ready to rock! The Business Entry Kit is free access for one year to your BackOffice and Organo Gold will also create a professional replicated website for your new business. The business kit also includes a distributor folder, brochures and applications, a variety of coffee samples, and access to bulk purchases.

To conclude, yes you can make money with Organo Gold!

Final thoughts: Organo Gold is a very interesting company. Their products are great for general wellness and health that contain Ganoderma. The compensation plan is also very lucrative, as long as you know how to use network marketing effectively. However, even if you don’t know how to use network marketing effectively, you’ll still be able to get a stream of income from taking advantage of your business opportunity, as long as you work at it every day. If you don’t work on it, obviously, you won’t get any kind of income. But if you are dedicated to the industry and are committed to generating a substantial amount of income, this company definitely offers that capability.

The only difficulty I see for this company is the products themselves. Don’t get me wrong, they offer outstanding products. However, when it comes to Network Marketing you should look for a product with a mass market! The reality is not All drink coffee, tea, or hot chocolate regularly enough to feel the urge to buy large quantities of the product. However, for those who are coffee lovers, they would like Love Being educated on Organo Golds products and experimenting with them too and they may become a long-lasting, stable customer as well.

If you are looking for a company with mass marketI assure you there are a lot of them out there! In fact, I have been able to figure out a way to generate a substantial amount of residual and passive income from home with a product that has a mass market, which means there are only a handful of people who would have no interest in it.

It’s called Saving Money! Connect with me and get your free report on exactly how to get involved with a mass market company as it relates to saving thousands of dollars each year plus making thousands of dollars too!

*Dustin Hale is not affiliated with Organo Gold or its business opportunity.

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