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Reutte – High unemployment rates have been part of everyday life in Tyrol since Corona. The numbers of the former model student Ausserfern now represent negative peak values ​​month after month – precisely because the height of the fall is so great. A year ago it was just under 2.1 percent, now 13.8. On the reporting date at the end of February, unemployment in the Reutte district was 441.3 percent above the previous year’s level and, with 1927 unemployed (+1571), represents a negative record throughout Tyrol – from full employment to every sixth employee without work.

The Ausserferner numbers would be even more dramatic if around 500 people from the tourism sector had not returned to their home countries in the meantime. You fall out of the local statistics, as Karin Lutz, head of the AMS Reutte, knows. But even without the departures, the increase in job seekers in the tourism sector is an unbelievable 3330 percent.

Short periods of unemployment are not unusual in this industry, says Lutz. “But now the ceiling is beginning to fall on people’s heads – and there is no end in sight,” the AMS boss describes the change in mood. The problem is complex. The tourism companies, in turn, fear that they will permanently lose many employees and that they will have too few staff on hand when they can finally be unlocked again. In order to make good use of the waiting time before starting work, the AMS is now offering qualification measures due to the lack of job alternatives. Training courses are being massively promoted. (Hm)

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