Ways to raise venture capital to start a new business

Ways to raise venture capital to start a new business

Centuries ago there was a time when people used to exchange goods for their livelihood and there was no money to buy things, known as “Barter System”. There was no buying or selling during those days. If you want “Wheat” and have “Pulses”, you could trade it to the vendor who had “Wheat” by negotiating a deal with him for the trade.

Then came an era when people started working for others to earn money and maintain their livelihood. This further became government and private sector jobs.

Now is the time when everyone loves to open their own company to establish something of their own and develop an empire multiplying into a profitable venture as it is said: “The best income is even when you are sleeping, investment grows.”

An Idea of ​​yours on today’s stage can create a domino effect that can change the lives of many. Very vivid examples are organizations like Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, which started with a very small idea and from a room and have created an empire that inspires entrepreneurs to create added value not only for themselves through profit but also for society.

Many start ups have started multiplying in India now with many business ideas but they lack the fundamental things and fail even though the business idea is too good. Despite the fact that they have the best people, knowledge, resources, and ideas available to them, but they still fell apart. A very vivid example is an organization like Snapdeal etc.

An idea flourishes when the business idea is presented to the right people with the right knowledge with effective and strong persuasion skills to invest money with the benefits they would get. First of all, the entrepreneur himself must be convinced that it is an excellent and profitable venture.

The second important thing that startups lack is hiring the right and right candidates. Branding institutes like IIM/IIT provide good resources but come at a very high cost to the organization. It is always essential to hire experienced people instead of branded institutes. Experienced people turn the organization around since they know how to handle crises, the success of an idea comes with experience and experience comes with learning, you know how to turn around failures since these people have already experienced it.

Keeping costs low and investing heavily in your people is the right idea for startups.

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