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Wedding Live Band Price – When booking your wedding entertainment

Wedding Live Band Price

A wedding live band price can be a big factor when booking your wedding entertainment. While you can hire any musician, more expensive acts tend to be more experienced and popular. Alternatively, you can go with a rookie band that is less experienced but still very good. Just remember that a live band cannot play all the songs you want played, but if you let them know ahead of time, you can always have them learn those songs for you.

The average Wedding Live Band price varies depending on several factors. The length of time the band plays, its distance from the venue, and whether it’s a weekend or an evening wedding. A typical wedding band will cost approximately $400 per musician. If the band needs to travel to the location of your event, you should expect to pay more for their services. However, you should not be hesitant to spend more for your wedding entertainment.

The band’s per-hour rate will determine how much they charge for overtime. This fee can range from $450 to 750. Some bands may charge you more than that amount if they are scheduled for a longer time. However, it’s important to remember that some bands might require payments in cash on the day of the wedding. You can negotiate these costs with your band, but you should always check the contract thoroughly for any hidden fees.

Wedding Live Band Price – When booking your wedding entertainment

When choosing a wedding live band, you should keep in mind the type of music you’d like to play. If your event is predominantly acoustic, you might want to opt for a Motown or Soul act. These bands will probably cost you more than most other options, but they’re worth it. A Motown or Soul function act will bring a contemporary edge to your classic songs, allowing them to wow the crowd.

The average price of a wedding live band is about $3700. In contrast, you can hire a deejay for about $1200. You can also hire a four- or five-piece band for this amount. A wedding live band that charges $1200 will be more expensive, but it’s worth it if the performance is better than a six-hour set of events. It’s also important to choose a band whose fees are reasonable.

The price of a wedding live band should not exceed your budget. However, a band should be able to play for at least two hours of the reception. If they have a full set of songs, you can consider a band that offers a full set of songs. A band with more than one hour of repertoire should be more than happy to perform for you and your guests. A five-piece band will definitely do your wedding justice.

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