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What is a Super Dwarf Reticulated Python?

Super Dwarf Reticulated Python

If you are looking for a snake that is easy to care for and will not bite, super dwarf reticulated pythes are a great choice. They are native to Southeast Asia, where they prefer warm temperatures. However, they can also cool down if they so desire. This means that super dwarfs need a temperature-controlled enclosure with both cool and hot sides.

Although the name may suggest otherwise, super dwarf reticulated python are actually large snakes. They grow up to be nine feet long and weigh between thirty and forty pounds. Lore and Realm are both 100% pure blood Kalaotoa superdwarfs, a type of reticulated python. If you want to learn more about these snakes, check out the video below.

Retic pythons are the largest living snakes. Some specimens can reach a length of twenty feet. However, some Retics don’t reach this size; the Super Dwarf Reticulated are smaller than eight feet. While these snakes are smaller than their larger cousins, they can kill an adult human if provoked enough. They are part of the Malayopython genus, which is native to India and consists of two species: the Dwarf and the Super Dwarf.

What is a Super Dwarf Reticulated Python?

The Reticulated Python is known to be a food-oriented snake, and its owners may think that it is always hungry and doesn’t eat enough. While this behavior may sound alarming, most retics are tolerant of being handled once they realize that it is safe.

Reticulated pythons can be housed in a variety of habitats. Small-sized snakes can be housed in a shoebox-sized enclosure, but larger ones will require larger cages. In addition to the appropriate size enclosure, you should make sure to purchase quality reptile cleaning supplies. The female Reticulated Python lays a clutch of up to 20 to 80 eggs at a time. The clutch size is dependent on the size and health of the female, how many times she has bred, and her genetics. Generally, a clutch size will be between 250 and 300 grams.

A super dwarf reticulated pytheon is smaller than the Jampean dwarf reticulated pythone. These animals have a length of nine to twelve feet, though some well-fed specimens can exceed 15 feet. They are highly food-oriented snakes and should be fed once every seven to ten days. You can feed them frozen or thawed prey items, but be sure not to overfeed them. This could lead to health issues.

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