What is Entura art?

What is Entura art?

Entura art, a unique drawing technique, was named after and is being taught by Patricia Hayes, founder of Delphi University and Spirit Center in McCaysville, Georgia. Mrs. Hayes was Arthur Ford’s personal assistant. She is a gifted spiritual channeler and has spent the last 40 years teaching people to develop their spiritual abilities.

Entura art involves entering a meditative state and communing with Spirit. Similar to channeled writing, Entura’s art is automatic and uses color. There is little “thinking” involved. The art itself uses the left brain for technique and Entura’s art requires none of this knowledge. In fact, the beauty of it is that no prior art expertise is needed.

Relaxation is key. You ask a question and the information is received. It is as if you were serving as a container, collecting the information until you sit down to “take” it out of yourself and put it on paper. The relaxed state continues as one draws in what comes through the Energy.

Colors have meaning; shapes have meaning. Without meaning to, people draw faces, animals, and shapes. Each element has a reason for being there.

In Entura’s art course, some exercises included meditation and writing. From there, you create the art. Once the artwork is complete, the relaxed state continues because that is where the image is interpreted from. Remember, the artwork answers a question. The images are very beautiful and wonderful to see. No matter how many times you see it, you may find something in the artwork that you have never seen before. This numinous information is multi-layered, representative of our spiritual selves.

My experience has been what I call “etheric realm brainstorming.” Floods of sensations, feelings, ideas, moved through me. It was a completely different state of consciousness, beyond how I used to draw. I captured all the information that was flowing through my third eye. Everything related, the magnitude of everything. It was literally cosmic and yet familiar.

I have received drawing instruction from various artists since I was a child and attended a vocational high school where the arts were core courses. I found that when I do Entura art I draw faces better than ever.

This state of being is always available to each of us. It is expressive and deepens your relationship with Spirit. For those who may have had difficulty learning to meditate, Entura’s art may be the creative breakthrough that can serve them.

To see the work of Ms. Hayes and others who have studied Entura’s art, visit the Entura Artists and Art Graduates group on Facebook.com. Click on the photos tab and see what has been contributed to the gallery. You’ll see many, many different styles, but they all bring us back to Spirit. Click on Ms. Hayes’s name to visit her personal gallery.

Even though I discussed my uncle’s birthday with relatives, it still crossed my mind to send a birthday card. Eventually, I remembered and went to the stores to buy one. They weren’t attractive or suitable. Thoughts appear a lot in my mind; this time was that i can create the card. Spirit “appeared” in Mind and it occurred to me that I could ask for its help in its creation. I asked Spirit if they had a message for my uncle that he was about to enter his hundredth year of being alive on the planet in this lifetime. The message was beautiful, a reminder of God in action daily through his wife, who is also a reverend. My aunt is taking care of him while he experiences Alzheimer’s. The channeling was moving. The image has energetic faces with jubilant expressions of love.

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