What is he thinking about?  – 5 ways to get inside your head

What is he thinking about? – 5 ways to get inside your head

Men can be infuriating. Sometimes they seem as mysterious as women are supposed to be; They don’t talk about how they feel, they don’t ask for help, and it can be like pulling teeth to get them to tell you they love you.

There are a few simple things to understand about men that will help you get inside your guy’s head and understand what he’s thinking. A basic understanding of male psychology and the psychology of relationships can help you better understand your man. Keep in mind that the following tips are generalizations and don’t apply perfectly to all guys, just as generalizations about women being more emotional don’t necessarily apply to all girls. So, use your intuition about your guy along with these tips to really figure him out.

1. Men are logical creatures. This is wonderful in some cases, but can sometimes cause relationship problems. For example, when your girlfriend or wife is upset, you might try to help by offering practical solutions. What she often wants is emotional support, not cold reasoning. To a woman, this may seem like he doesn’t care and is just trying to prevent her from complaining by providing solutions (which she has probably already considered and rejected). To make this trait work in your favor, she appeals to the problem-solving side of her rather than the understanding side of her.

2. Men tend to show affection through physical actions as opposed to women’s tendency to be more verbal. This is why it seems that women often try to get their man to say “I love you”, especially in recent serious relationships. A guy would rather show you that he loves you with his actions. This is one of the reasons why body language is so important. By “listening” to his actions, you can decipher many of the emotions that are going on inside him. If he touches your back as he walks by, he is telling you “I care about you.”

3. The flip side of reading body language is being able to tell when a guy needs alone time or chill time with his friends. It is simply not true that one person can provide everything, all the needs of another person. So don’t feel threatened or rejected if he wants to spend time with his friends. He may want alone time to recharge, just like we all need from time to time.

Reading body language and reading between the lines when he talks to you is key. If you come home after a long day, you can ask how your day was. If he says it was a rough day for whatever reason, that’s his tail to let him relax and not immediately jump on his day. A few minutes can make a big difference. While women tend to want to talk all about their stress and wind, men are more likely to need to wind down with some relaxation or having fun with friends.

4. The traditional gender role of men is that of provider and protector. This is not to say that a woman can’t take care of herself, of course she can. But in a family or couple situation, the man still feels that desire to protect and provide for his partner and children. By understanding this deep need, you can motivate him to do certain things. For example, you can persuade him to leave work early to attend his daughter’s dance recital by letting him know (in a non-accusatory way) that girls whose fathers are not very active in their lives often grow up more promiscuous. .

5. Understand the male ego. Being a strong protector plays to the male ego. Also, being independent and capable is important for your ego, or maybe we should call it self-esteem. Even the gentlest guy can feel threatened if you imply in any way that he’s not capable of doing something, even if you’re just trying to help. For example, if he’s trying to fix something and he’s having trouble, he might not respond when you ask if he needs help. So he gives her some space and lets her find a solution for herself. This will make him feel better about himself, and in turn, he will be a better boyfriend or husband to you.

It’s not always easy to know what your man is thinking, but there are a few ways to figure out what’s going on in his head using relationship psychology. These 5 concepts will help you understand and get along better with your boy. If you can internalize and apply them, you will find yourself and him happier and more secure in your relationship.

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