What Sets ENT Partnership Apart From Its Competitors?

What Sets ENT Partnership

In most professional corporations and limited liability partnerships, owners are shareholders rather than partners. In those cases, you are expected to sign a shareholder agreement that governs your relationship with the group. In particular, it should address how the practice will divvy up income and expenses among you and the other owners. Some groups use equal assessment, others rely on productivity measures and other factors, and still others have formulas that combine both productivity and other considerations.

Be sure to ask about restrictive covenants and whether any senior partners have long-term rights that affect you. You may also want to consider the group’s governance structure and how decisions will be made regarding office policies and fees, staffing, physician hiring, managed care contracts, and other matters.

You can make an ENT Partnership appointment to see one of our specialists or surgeons for a surgical procedure. This could be for a ear, nose or throat (ENT) problem such as chronic sinusitis, a facial deformity or a cancer of the larynx (voice box).

What Sets ENT Partnership Apart From Its Competitors?

Before you book surgery, make sure to discuss the surgery and any risks with your doctor. You may also want to ask another healthcare provider or surgeon for a second opinion, especially if you have a health insurance plan that requires you to get a second opinion.

Once you have made your appointment for surgery, a member of our scheduling staff will call you a few days before your surgery to gather your information and provide details on how to arrive at the hospital or ambulatory surgical center. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully! You should also bring a family member or friend to drive you home after the surgery. Usually, you will be asked to arrive at least two hours before your surgery time.

ENT Partnership aims to eliminate barriers to quality patient care by providing private ear, nose and throat practices with the stability, capital and resources they need to achieve more and secure their future. ENT Partnership has more than 180 physicians practicing in 40+ locations in Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, Rockland, Nassau and Suffolk counties, New York City and northern/central New Jersey.

Managing medical records is an integral part of healthcare operations and requires a high degree of expertise, patience and dedication. This process includes organizing, cataloguing and storing patients medical information in an organized manner to ensure easy retrieval for the future.

Document indexing is a popular practice that helps organizations manage their documentation efficiently. It also curtails redundant archives, invalid methods of storage and incorrect patient data. In addition, it enables easy access of data through categorization and metadata search. Moreover, it makes the entire documentation process more efficient and time saving. These benefits have led to a rise in demand for professional medical record indexing services.

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