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What to do when you can’t sleep: honey and cinnamon

I could not sleep last night.

Nothing I tried worked so I finally gave up and got up. I made popcorn and watched a movie. When I tried again a little after 2:00 am, I still couldn’t sleep. I don’t know what time it was when I finally left, but I sure wasn’t ready to get up this morning.

One effect of lack of sleep is lack of ambition. I managed to put off most of the things I was planning to do today, like mowing the lawn.

Poor concentration can also be due to lack of sleep. I was browsing online, on a forum for Baby Boomers. I saw a thread titled “The elderly and sleeping problems.” Now I would generally make an exception to the word “old man.” At 60, I don’t consider myself an older person, except after a night like last night.

My son, every time he tries to cajole me into doing something I really don’t want to do, he says, “Come on Mom, you’re as old as you get.” Today I feel old.

Anyway, I thought I would read the posts on elderly sleep problems, but when I tried to click on the thread, my concentration or my hand-eye coordination failed, and I ended up clicking on the thread above.

That one was titled “The Health Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon.”

Oh well, sometimes you have to play the hand that is dealt to you or run with the ball that is thrown at you.

Honey and cinnamon seem to have a long tradition as herbal remedies for numerous conditions. It is said to be beneficial in preventing heart attacks and reducing arthritis pain. The dose is a cup of hot water, 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and 2 teaspoons of honey. Taken every day, it is supposed to reduce inflammation.

Honey and cinnamon not only help with the symptoms of stomach problems and the flu, but they have also been shown to strengthen the immune system for the prevention of viral and bacterial infections and greatly help the white blood cells to fight the diseases.

Used in combination with a healthy lifestyle, 3-4 times a day daily use of both ingredients has been recommended to help eliminate many aging problems (there is that word again!), To maintain a good health and live a longer life.

In addition, there is evidence that fat formation is prevented if a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon mixed in a cup of boiled water is taken routinely before breakfast and at bedtime, as it helps reduce weight, even in obese people!

In some cases, honey and cinnamon have been shown to be an effective anticancer agent; This is partly due to its ability to strengthen the immune system, as well as its cleansing qualities.

Lastly, honey used as a paste is helpful in soothing skin rashes and rashes, from the simple pimple to the most serious eczema and even ringworm.

The only benefit the thread didn’t mention is that a tablespoon of honey in a cup of warm milk with a pinch of nutmeg (but cinnamon would probably work too) can help you fall asleep. Imagine that!

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