White Wine 101

Finding the right white wine is definitely not as simple as it sounds. Inexperienced buyers may even feel a bit overwhelmed considering the fact that there are many white wine options on the market.

To give you a bit of history, there are numerous grape varieties used in the production of white wine. These grapes have different flavors depending on their type, their country of origin and the winemaker’s fermentation process.

Read on to learn more about the different varieties of wine and why shopping online is a good idea.

Different varieties

Chardonnay, for example, is popular with drinkers for its distinctive aroma and taste similar to fresh green apples. The flavor can be crunchy or buttery, depending on the brand of wine.

Next, we have Gewurztraminer, which generally originates from cooler places like Oregon and Northern Italy. This one mainly tastes like grapefruit and is a perfect pair for spicy foods. Other flavors for this type of wine are talc and lychee. On the other hand, Chenin Blanc is generally available in different flavors, namely molasses, lemon drop, pear, and ripe apple.

If you are the type who loves a wine that tastes like pears or white peaches, Marsanne will be very ideal for you. This can be mixed with other wines such as Grenache Blanc, Roussanne or Viognier.

Those who like the citrus flavor will love muscat simply because it comes in orange and tangerine flavors. It has the right mix of sweetness and the appetizing aroma of oranges.

Pinot Blanc is often compared to Chardonnay due to their striking similarity. On the contrary, it is frequently described by wine experts as lighter and classier. As for Pinot Grigio, this wine is highly recommended for those looking for a good wine to cook with.

Riesling can potentially come from different countries. Australia and the United States are the main producers, but let’s not forget Germany because that is where the best Rieslings come from.

White wine can be purchased online

Fortunately, you don’t have to leave the house and visit a wine store every time you need to make a purchase. The Internet has become a useful resource for any buyer who wants to get the best white wine.

Even better, many of the online sellers offer special discounts and cheap shipping rates. This is very encouraging, especially for those who want to save money and get wonderful wine products at the same time.

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