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Why Did Antonio Sabato Get Divorced?

Why Did Antonio Sabato

The question “Why did Antonio Sabato get divorced?” has long been on the minds of people interested in his political career, but the details of his separation are still unclear. Although his divorce from his wife was not the first time he has been accused of drug abuse, it has been a topic of interest for many in the Italian community. Sabato Jr. admitted using crystal meth prior to their relationship, and said he also abused sleeping pills. However, the alleged abuse of the drugs led him to seek treatment.

Cheryl Marie and Antonio Sabato, Jr., both Democrats, filed for divorce on Dec. 27, 2016, after spending six years together. The divorce agreement was signed a few months later, but they are still legally married. Antonio Sabato Jr. is now single and paying alimony to his ex-wife. Cheryl Marie is seeking joint physical custody of their six-year-old son Antonio III, and both have announced that they will run for congress.

In a nutshell, the divorce is about the substance abuse issues in the marriage. While the divorce isn’t a political statement, the former model is now running for Congress as a Republican. But his past drug use has put him at a disadvantage because he is a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump. Sabato has pledged to make substance abuse a central part of his platform, which echoes President Trump’s campaign. The disclosure of his drug use may also hurt his campaign, since the Democrat will have a long-shot against two-term representative Julia Brownley.

Why Did Antonio Sabato Get Divorced?

Cheryl Moana Marie Nunes was the second wife of American-Italian actor Antonio Sabato Jr. He married Nunes in Hawaii on 25th September 2012. They had two children together: son Antonio Harvey Sabato Jr. and daughter Yvonne Sabato. Antonio and Cheryl’s marriage did not last, and they divorced in June 2018.

Despite their many heartbreaks, Antonio Sabato Jr. continues to attract the love and support of fans and critics. Despite the challenges of his relationship, the actor continues to attract admirers and fans with his brilliance and likable personality. If you want to learn more about Antonio Sabato Jr., read this article. You’ll soon be amazed at the man behind the successful comedy.

Antonio Sabato, Jr. is 45 years old. He and Cheryl Marie, his wife of five years, are reportedly divorcing. The actress Cheryl Marie says Antonio has a history of drug addiction. She claims that Antonio has abused prescription drugs and muscle relaxers, and she fears for their son’s safety. The divorce papers were filed on Dec. 27. When it comes to custody, Antonio wants joint custody of their six-year-old son, but she wants sole custody.

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