Why do children lie? The main cause of any child’s lie, or we can call it a truth about lying

I was always surprised and frustrated when my children lied to me.

Now when I look back and think, I laugh at myself because how could I expect my children to be sincere when I couldn’t master virtue on my own?

Can you remember the time in your life when you told your parents a lie? Okay I will. I still remember the shock on my father’s face when I told him a big lie for the first time and he knew he was lying. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Well, I still remember what his thoughts were, not unlike any other parent, frustrated and angry.

Much research, surveys, and trends show that parents place honesty and trust at the top of their children’s list of demands. What some parents may not understand is the root cause of lying and how they can inadvertently teach their children to lie and the impact it can have on their relationship.

The world we live in does not help either, the media, television, the internet and especially the things that children see in the playgrounds, are the places where children pick up on dishonesty. However, the first lesson in lying is usually taught at home.

I remember feeling very frustrated and angry when my children lied and surprisingly even more frustrated and embarrassed when they were blatantly sincere.

I remember a time when our neighbor came to see our newly renovated kitchen, which was so clean and sparkling with that “new” smell. They said how clean and tidy our house was, especially the new kitchen, even with three children, however, in the middle of the conversation, my five-year-old son said, “Mom and Dad say your house is dirty and smells bad.” . We were just as embarrassed as our neighbor, but managed to get away with an explanation that he was talking about the previous neighbor who had lived in the house and because he was older, he couldn’t take care of the house. We managed to get away with it as this neighbor had moved in just six months ago. The new neighbor had two dogs and four cats and lived in a small two-room house. My wife and I had talked several times about the distinctive smell coming from the house, but unfortunately this happened in front of the children. Boy oh boy did we manage to get out of that one, but it made us realize how careful we had to be.

Children simply say what they hear and especially the little ones simply tell the truth. They do not believe that there is anything wrong with it, so it is we, the parents, who should be attentive to what we say and when.

I find it very interesting, especially when parents ask me if their children will ever stop lying. I have a question: “Are you free from this habit?”

I always thought she was a perfect mother!

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