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Why does Mitch need to go ?: 5 details

While many, who are dismayed by the president’s behavior, rhetoric, actions and proposals, seem to feel that voting him out of office is the ultimate solution, the reality is that the election of Donald Trump was not, sadly. , an anomaly, but the culmination and result of years of voter apathy, naivety be gullible and allow people who are not ready, fit or able to serve and represent the common good to be chosen. Perhaps the greatest symbol. and proof of the expression, Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts, absolutely, is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has often demonstrated both his ability to manipulate the system, politically, and a considerable lack of empathy and / or concern for the common good. How Kentucky voters continue to elect this man, even though the state consistently at the bottom of the list of states in terms of quality employment, state economy, education and environment, seems to clearly demonstrate that challenges , the American political system, etc. With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss why Mitch should go and, if re-elected, what it might, unfortunately, say about the future of this nation.

one. Partisanship at its worst: It is one thing to play politics, for regular periods of time, but to do so, during a public health crisis, is understandable, despicable! The nation, and its people, have many needs and needs, yet this Senator, he proudly claims, will block any bill introduced by Democrats, and he has done just that. When hundreds of bills, passed by the House of Representatives (some, even in some bipartisan way), have died, on the Senate Majority Leader’s desk, and he proposes to let certain states fail, rather than providing the necessary and urgent funds, it is time for this man to leave!

two. Promote and push unqualified judges, through the Senate: Traditionally, judges had to be considered, qualified, by the Bar Association, before they were allowed to be nominated! Under Mitch’s leadership, we have witnessed more unskilled individuals pushed through the Senate based on politics (only) than ever in recent memory.

3. Withholding of votes on House legislation: On several occasions, McConnell has proudly stated that he will ensure that nothing Democrats want or propose will see the daylight, under your leadership!

Four. Arrogance: Anyone who proudly refers to himself as the Grim Reaper, and seems to deserve that title, is both arrogant and lacking in empathy! Who does Mitch serve, certainly not the best interests of the nation or its citizens?

5. Playing politics with people: Since the system is political, there will always be some of the nastiest aspects of politics, attested! However, when there are pressing issues, such as the ones we witness today, in terms of public health, economic well-being and long-term sustainability and the best interests of the nation and the world, we must make changes!

Wake up America and realize that your vote really matters. Politics, as always, same, same, focus on hatred, bigotry and ugliest instincts, of many, is contrary to the ideals of the American style. Not only is President Trump an apparent, clear, and present danger, but McConnell must go, if we expect America to be sane again.

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