Why does my cat bite me first and then lick me?

If you are a cat owner, you will sometimes be surprised by your cats’ behavior, especially when they bite you or bite you and then immediately lick you. This type of behavior is very normal among cats, since it is considered a sign of affection and not of aggression. What your feline friend is trying to tell you is that he loves you, it’s his way of giving you a kiss!

Sometimes your cats’ kisses can feel more like a sharp nip or nip that can hurt. Remember not to get mad at your cat, as you can confuse the poor cat. If your feline friend takes a firm love bite, then be firm and say No! Over time, your cat will understand that it is okay to show affection but not cause pain.

The reason they do this is not to hurt you, they are simply kissing you like they would normally kiss another cat. Because cats have thick fur and the nerve endings in their skin are not close to the surface of the skin like ours, they need to pinch harder to express their affection.

For a cat, this type of affection is quite acceptable, but as a pet owner it is not the most pleasant experience to be bitten. To stop this type of behavior you can train your cat not to bite, although this may take some time, patience and perseverance before you can control this habit or stop it completely.

Although most cats enjoy affection, try not to pet them too much, as this can make them too aroused. An overexcited kitten will exhibit many telltale signs such as purring, rubbing against you, chirping, and a stiff tail that may shake. Cats that are overly excited usually can’t control their emotions, so be prepared in case your cat wants to kiss you.

Make sure that when you approach your cat you also look at its tail first, as its tail is like your mood detector. Remember that if your tail is shaking with excitement, avoid contact, as it could end with a love bite.

Approach your cat when she is in a good mood, her tail will appear calm and only the tip will move smoothly. On the other hand, if they are unhappy, their tail will wag from side to side, it is always better to avoid contact with them until they return in a better mood.

Living in harmony with your cat is possible, just try to be aware of his mood swings and if he bites you and licks (kisses you) remember that there is a way to say I love you.

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