Why would a guy wait to have sex? Here’s the answer most women desperately want to know

There is no denying that sex plays an important role in keeping relationships intact. However, many people still believe in the sanctity of this act and prefer to wait until marriage or until the relationship becomes serious before agreeing to have sex. Is your boy one of those people?

When you wait, it means you have plenty of time.

And when he has time to spare, it just means that he is willing to share himself with you for a longer period. So you say you can’t have sex with him and he still agrees to see you, then it just shows that you have a great decent man by your side.

Wait because he respects you.

Your man probably thinks that sex is essential to keeping your relationship together, so he wants to have you when you’re really ready to be with him. He wouldn’t want to impose himself on you because he cares how you feel.

He may be willing to wait because he wants to do the act when you are deeply invested in the relationship.

Some men hate commitment, which is probably why they don’t open up emotionally with you through sex. Once you feel that you are ready to commit and are ready to give yourself completely, you will finally start the movement.

You want to wait because you want to make sure you are the one.

Some men are not such pigs (excuse the word). They are not the type who would sleep with any woman who looks at them. They are the decent ones who prefer to wait for the right one rather than spend their singleness in the arms of many different women.

A man who agrees to wait before having sex with you is a mature man.

And yes, he takes the study of whether you are finally the one for him very seriously. Think before you act, as he believes that having sex with you would mean sharing a part of him. For him, sex is more than venting his lust, his love in its purest form.

He waits because he is weighing many things in his mind.

Most men would easily get into bed with any woman who shows a great deal of attraction to them. But when it comes to a woman who could become your future partner for life, you just have to stop. After all, there are other things to consider: your freedom, career, family, and friends.

Will a guy wait to have sex with you if he’s not ready to get serious? The answer is a resounding NO.

A man who can’t wait to put on his pants, one who wouldn’t even have the ability to hold back, is a man who just wants your body. But a guy who makes sure he’s still there until you’re ready is a guy who takes you very seriously, keep that in mind!

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