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L’été sera-t-il chaud côté sexo?

Will summer be hot on the sex side?

A Liège loveshop has returned to sales figures comparable to those of Valentine’s Day.

Belgium is opening up and meetings are once again possible, with their share of good (or bad) surprises. Where some met on the sly and at a reasonable distance in a park or even in a supermarket, just for fun, like Sophia, others can take the usual cruising paths.

On Rendez- Vous.be, a dating site and app where during confinement, 80% of the 10,000 profiles were activated, “a record“, according to Alexandre Baudoux, executive manager, we have felt a small drop in attendance for a few days. And that’s quite normal.”The people, who lived home and computer“have started to go out again.

Will summer be hot? “You can never predict that. As soon as the weather is very nice, there are a lot less connections. The dating sites are there to give a boost and reproduce a social place where we could potentially accost everyone… But the ideal of each one, it is nevertheless the spontaneous meeting!“, smiles Alexandre Baudoux.

The human being, therefore, a social animal, but also a physical one!

And if Tinder users allowed him to record a world record at the end of March with three billion swipes in a day of dredging and virtual meetings, others wanted to take action in real life with the acceleration of deconfinement… and even during!

Désir et Moi, a well-known love-shop in Liège reopened on May 11 with many doubts about the presence of customers. In fact, not only has the owner been able to rehire everyone but a new recruit will be arriving next week! “The customers were there. They were even very happy to come back “, says Laurent Schmitz. However, with new habits: “They store more! We used to sell a lot of medium-sized lubricants. From now on, we sell large packages, and several at the same time. The difference is incredible, and so is the massage oil. And all of a sudden there are more purchases. “

Some clients also explained to him how they were not equipped to live their sexuality together for so long… So they wanted to invest.

It’s quite simple: since the reopening, Désir et Moi has flirted with sales comparable to those of Valentine’s Day. And the price does not seem to be a brake: during confinement, Laurent Schmitz’s eshop sold seven times more merchandise than usual, and many more sex toys connected by app than before! “They allow to have an interaction even thousands of kilometers away!

The price, between 129 and 200 €, did not seem to be a brake, while the remote-controlled sex toys were also a great success, as if the couples had wanted to spice up their lives. “On the other hand, sextoys for individual use without interaction have not experienced a remarkable increase.. “

Overall, sales were such that the owner was able to employ an employee he had to put out of work, showing that the recovery of the economy also seems to go through… sex!

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