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Dos and Don’ts of Training a Beagle

Many people are interested in owning beagles, but some of them are clueless when it comes to caring for them. Not all dog breeds are created equal and there are certain nuances involved in caring for a beagle. If you are interested in training yourself, it would be a good idea to continue reading.

PLEASE NOTE that it is never okay to hit a dog when he is not performing the way you want him to. Many people believe that this is the best way to control a dog and make them listen to you in the future, but all it will do is make them fear you. When they are not being obedient, you should use high tones and pull on the leash to let them know that you are in charge.

DO NOT take a beagle away from its mother too quickly. This is a mistake that many people make and it leads to socialization problems with both people and other dogs. Allowing a newborn beagle to interact with its mother and other puppies is the best way to ensure a dog with an even temperament.

Be patient and know when enough is enough. Unfortunately, training a beagle is not something that can be done overnight. It will take a lot of time and effort to get the dog to behave as it should. If you try to speed up the process and show frustration when things are not progressing quickly, you can cause your dog to withdraw and inhibit any further progress.

DO NOT allow multiple people to train your beagle unless they all use the same commands and gestures. It is already difficult to communicate with animals as they do not speak the same language, and this will only serve to cause further confusion. Everyone you plan to train your beagle needs to decide in advance how things should be handled. This will make things easier for your dog when the time comes.

Dog training can seem like an aspect of pet ownership that is affected by stress and anxiety. Following this advice will make the process easier for the beagle and everyone involved in training. There is no reason to worry about whether things will go well as long as you use all the things you have learned here.

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