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Exploring the past

I will never forget my first past life regression.

I had been searching for spiritual meaning for quite some time, what the church was teaching just didn’t seem to answer all of my questions, it seemed like something was missing, it wasn’t that I didn’t believe in church doctrine, but it had to be more.

I had been feeling that there really was life after death, not the life that most of us had bought, but a real life on real planet earth, I had had visions of my life in a different time and place, a time before the twentieth century. century.

It was time to investigate.

While reading the local newspaper one night, I came across an ad that a local hypnotist had placed, the ad said that I could cure smoking with hypnotism, my interest peaked. He had read how people had undergone hypnosis and remembered the lives they led in a time before this.

This was new uncharted territory and it took me a while to gather the courage to call it out.

Finally, I decided that I could not delay it any longer, this was something I had to do, regardless of the result.

My wife and I had had some marital problems and I thought maybe I could find answers that would help solve the problems we were having.

Talking to Tom, he said he had only done three past life sessions, that didn’t boost my confidence at all, but he decided to do it anyway, what did he have to lose?

The session went quite well, I went back to two lives that I felt I had lived. One was in ancient Egypt and one life was during the American Revolution.

After getting over my initial shock at the reality of it all, I began to realize that it was the only thing that made sense to me, it answered all the questions I had about why people do and think the things they do and think.

If people carry these memories from one life to another, you might understand why we feel for certain people the way we do. If we remember how we related to people in the past and how they related to us, that would explain many of our relationships today.

It would also help us understand people of different ethnic and sexual preferences, if we realized at some point that we may have lived with a different gender, race or sexual orientation, it would be difficult to have bad feelings towards those people today.

I couldn’t wait to share what I had learned, I thought many people would be very happy with this new knowledge.

Wow, I was wrong, my wife thought that I had finally lost my mind and needed psychiatric help, a couple of friends with whom I had shared what I was planning to do never believed a word I said.

Men! What a disappointment. How could I be so excited by what I discovered, the truth that I had been searching for when not only were everyone else not interested, but could not understand anything that I had experienced and did not seem to care?

It didn’t stop me, I keep studying and learning, and over the years, for the most part, I have found the same response from those with whom I have shared knowledge.

Most people are stuck in their own little box, regardless of how open they proclaim themselves, there are certain limits that they will not cross.

I have discovered that the knowledge we acquire, especially in this field, is for our own spiritual growth and on many occasions for no one else. They are on their own path and will learn in due time.

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