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5 tips on how to find cash buyers online

5 tips on how to find cash buyers online

If you are just entering the lucrative world of wholesale, the Internet is a tool you need to become an expert at. Most buyers and investors go online to find deals. There are so many websites, listing pages, and classifieds sites that it’s hard to know which one is the best. It’s always changing and will never be the same, but for now, I’ve compiled a list of online sites and tricks a wholesaler should do to find cash buyers for their real estate deals.

craig’s list – Consider the headline you put on a craigslist ad as high-end real estate. The title is very valuable and has a high SEO value. If you have an offer in Arizona, put Arizona Wholesale in the title and in the city box, put your website. Within the body, simply place brief information about your wholesale deals, investment properties, and cash flow deals with a link to your website. Craigslist has hyperlinks to websites that have an http://, so make sure it’s there. Also, have a picture in the ad. People do not want to see an advertisement for a wholesale offer and see that there is no image, which leads to doubt. I got 111 unique visits to my site and 30 new signups from my craigslist ads.

Facebook – Do not join all groups that are wholesalers. First of all, if you join a wholesale group that is not localized, you will be wasting your time. The group admin just wants people to join and then spam them with another guru’s product pitch. The best thing to do is create your own group and call it CITY Cash Buyers Group. This will attract many people to your group and ultimately to your subscription site. Use this wisely and always have a property to promote, even if it’s not yours. Be sure to message everyone in the group individually and start a conversation, that’s how I found my best cash buyer!

mywholesaledeals.com – This is a website that people in Chicago use to post deals and get leads from cash buyers. Like many lead generation sites, it allows people to list properties and charges everyone to view the leads. I always post deals on MyWholeSaleDeals.com because if a person pays to see leads, it’s more serious than not doing so. Dummy prospects are good too, don’t let them know you’re a dummy, instead tell them you already have a pending deal and ask them the relevant questions you would ask any serious investor.

Vflyer or Postlet – These sites are brochure sites that help you create an online brochure for the property. The great thing about these services is that they allow you to advertise videos and also syndicate the post and 8-12 other real estate sites for optimal results. They also give you a code that you can use to post to Craigslist and Backpage. The main factor is post syndication, the more websites your brochure enters, the more clickstreams you will have, the more people will sign up to your website.

County websites – Using country websites to find cash buyers involves a bit of detective work. In Cook County there are sites that allow you to find your PIN number, tax information, and title and bond information. You’ll want to get the last property sold in your area of ​​work, look up tax information to see who bought it, and Google the business to find a number. Although it’s a bit tedious, you can find cash buyers this way.

Don’t be limited in your thinking! There are always creative ways to find who is buying cash in your area of ​​choice. Although the Internet is a huge boost, nothing beats face-to-face networking and old-fashioned marketing. Make sure you learn how to use the site, for more information on how to find cash buyers for your wholesale offer and more please visit my website listed below

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