Ban - YouTube only releases Trump's account when the "risk of violence" has decreased

Ban – YouTube only releases Trump’s account when the “risk of violence” has decreased

The online platform YouTube does not want to release the blocked account of ex-US President Donald Trump until the risk of incitement to violence is classified as low. “We will unblock Donald Trump’s account when we come to the conclusion that the risk of violence has decreased,” said company boss Susan Wojcicki on Thursday (local time) of the Atlantic Council research group.

She referred to recent warnings that an attack on the Capitol in Washington could be planned. Given these warnings, it is “pretty clear that the increased risk of violence still exists”. The US security authorities had warned about two months after the Capitol storm on January 6 of a possible renewed attack on the Capitol. Trump’s YouTube account was blocked on January 12th after five people were killed in a storm of angry supporters of the then president on the Capitol. Twitter and Facebook also blocked Trump’s accounts.

What applies to everyone applies

Wojcicki announced that after Trump’s account is released, the same procedure will apply to him as to all other YouTube users. Nobody should incite violence on the platform or falsely question the credibility of election results. If someone breaks these rules three times within 90 days, their account will be deleted.

Wojcicki announced that her company will take into account information from the police and the government about the risk of politically motivated violence when deciding whether Trump will be allowed back on YouTube. The same standards should apply to leaders as to ordinary citizens; it is a “very dangerous way if some get a clean bill of health”.

Trump has been trying for months to question the outcome of the November presidential election that led to his being voted out. At an event on Sunday he once again did not acknowledge his electoral defeat and gave the impression that he wanted to apply again for the highest office in the state in 2024. (apa / afp)

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