Can Medifast meals be prepared?

Sometimes I hear from people who are trying to make sure the Medifast diet is as convenient as it sounds. A great attraction of this diet is that it is not necessary to prepare or cook a lot. So people want to make sure they can take little liberties to make the small amount of prep work that is necessary as convenient as possible.

I recently heard from someone who said, “is it possible to prepare your Medifast meals ahead of time, especially your lean and green food? If I could prepare a lot of my meals in the morning or even the night before, it would be so much better. lean and green meals, preferably in a crock pot, this would help me a lot. Is it even allowed? “

This aspiring dieter was happy to learn that he can absolutely make Medifast meals ahead of time, although many of them don’t require any preparation. For example, you do not need to do anything at the bars, ready to drink smoothies and chips. I prepare many of my meals in advance. I’m not a morning person, so I don’t want to go through the day worrying about putting everything together. You can easily make eggs, brownies, pancakes, puddings, fruit drinks, and soft serve ice cream ahead of time. You can put them in Tupperware to keep them fresh. You can also make the soup and chili ahead of time and put it in a thermos. Sometimes I do this. But, since you really only need hot water for the soups and chili, sometimes I just use hot water from the water cooler at my work for those items.

As for lean and green food, you can make it ahead of time if you want or need. And you can surely use a crock pot or whatever makes it easier or more convenient. (I like to use a small countertop convection oven for my lean and green meals because it very quickly drains fat from meats and roasts vegetables. You can cook all of your food together in less than 15 minutes.

If it helps to think of it this way, lean, green food is actually only 3-5 ounces of lean protein and three servings of vegetables. There are many foods that meet this requirement. There is no requirement that the food not be prepared ahead of time or not even frozen. I know people who use carefully selected frozen meals or even takeout or restaurant meals, as long as they are aware of the ingredients and contents. Make it easy for yourself. The diet is designed to be flexible and convenient. If preparing food ahead of time helps you with this, I think you should feel free to do so.

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