Cybex 750T Treadmill Review

Cybex 750T Treadmill Review

So, the time has come for you to find a commercial grade treadmill. One that will honestly really hold up to the training you’re going to give it. While there are many different brands available, Cybex is one that stands out. Additionally, Cybex gives you, the consumer, superiority not only in terms of looks, but also in the way the machine is built.

With that in mind, don’t be surprised when you see the price of this machine. It is truly a commercial grade machine and its price will reflect that. It can easily be placed in a public or private gym and get a lot of use.

Cybex shows the rest of the world exactly what a top of the line treadmill is supposed to look like, with the 750T treadmill. While it does offer a negative incline, making the 750T a true treadmill, the user gets a workout for every set of muscles, and how often do you find this on any other high-end piece of equipment?

As a commercial machine that can fit into tight spaces, the Cybex 750T would fit perfectly in a home space. However, in terms of budget, that may be another matter, as its cost is its only drawback. However, gym owners and gym goers should pay attention to it as it is a very good piece of equipment for the money spent.

Cybex 750T Specifications

  • Foldable- No
  • Top Speed: 15.6 mph
  • Incline- -3%-15%
  • Walking surface – 62 X 22
  • Display: Available 10 x 15 matrix LCD TV
  • Programs- 24
  • Dimensions- 80 x 34
  • Treadmill Weight: 460 lbs.
  • Maximum user weight: 400 pounds
  • Warranty: 10-year frame, 5-year motor, 3-year parts, and 1-year labor/deck/belt

quality for a reason

The best feature of all is Cybex Institute. The Cybex Institute, the research arm of Cybex International, constantly evaluates the processes and functions of proper training. This often includes studies of body geometry, musculature, maximum heart rate, and muscle development.

The 750T has a feature that most treadmills don’t: the Cybex Institute. As the “arm” of Cybex International that constantly does research and development, the Cybex Institute is definitely the number one feature of the 750T.

Constantly looking at the ways a workout should work right, Cybex Institute is always working on some kind of study – max heart rate, body geometry, muscle building, and musculature are definitely on that list.

Cybex Institute takes the newly acquired knowledge from the studies it does all the time, puts it to work regarding Cybex machines and finds new ways to update the brand.

Home use feel: no, this machine doesn’t have that. Velvety, yet firm, the feel you get as speed picks up on the 750T sends a shiver down your spine. This is definitely a commercially built machine that consumers can trust for its strength and sturdiness. Due to the fact that it is a Cybex built machine, consumers can also be sure that there will be years of use available, and more than once or twice a day!

Looking at the conveniently low-maintenance belt and deck, the consumer will need to note that the belt can be rearranged in four different ways. Theoretically, because the belt can be changed in four different arrangements, the belt life should be four times longer. In addition, the resistance of the platform also increases the value of the treadmill.

While some treadmills have only a few workout programs, the Cybex750T has a wide variety to choose from. Certified trainers plus years of research have helped find the best workouts and results possible.

Auto Set Programs, Fully Set Programs, and Fitness Tests are examples of what you’ll find on the 750T. And since not all users are in top shape, there are ten levels available in the fully defined programs so almost anyone can use the 750T.

However, the downside is the cost of the machine, which is not surprising given that this is a commercial machine. Priced in the $7,000 range, it’s somewhat out of reach for even most fitness clubs. But, with all the features, Cybex Institute research, and things like marine-grade covers, it’s definitely worth seven grand!

much more than ordinary

Beyond anything you can call ordinary, the Cybex 750T gives athletes and gym owners a lot of bang for the buck. High-quality research and pieces together combine to make something the fitness industry needs to see more often. Easy on the eye, smart and tough, the Cybex 750T is the epitome of treadmill excellence.

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