How do I convince my boyfriend that I’m not cheating on him?

How do I convince my boyfriend that I’m not cheating on him?

One of the biggest problems women who have cheated once in a relationship have is getting their boyfriend to trust them again. Even in the best, strongest, longest relationships, all it takes is a little betrayal of trust like this, for the two of you to feel secure in your relationship, and it’s very difficult. One thing you are probably trying to do is convince him that you are not going to cheat on him again or that you are not cheating on him right now. It seems silly, since you’re not, but your boyfriend may feel insecure about you and your relationship, through no fault of your own.

There is always going to be a little lingering feeling in the back of your thoughts. Whenever you have a fight, or when you don’t want sex, or when you do something he doesn’t expect. It’s a way for him to rationalize your behavior, “He’s probably cheating on me again…”. It’s a lousy way to live, and even worse for you, but you need to address it and do something about it.

Since his incident, he has been faithful and is working hard to get their relationship back on track. You want this relationship to work, and you are willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen. So how do you convince him to put the past in the past and start looking forward?

The first way to stop cheating on your boyfriend is to let him know, in no uncertain terms, that he is the man for you. Men want to be told that they are some girl’s dream boy, and that he is the best thing that ever happened to you. What you need to do is start making him feel that you only have eyes for him and that everything he does is perfect.

He starts telling her how good he looks or how good he is in bed. Don’t tell him, make him believe that no other man could hold your interest as long as he can. Be honest, though, as giving him false compliments or flattering him in ways that don’t make sense will only make him believe you less. So do it often and do it credibly.

Then, avoid doing anything suspicious. This is a tough question, because it’s all in his mind: you don’t think you’re doing anything shady. But you should avoid going out without inviting him. He doesn’t have to come, but you must invite him. Don’t come home late if you’re home without him, or if you’re going to be late, call him. Don’t disappear for long periods of time during the day, unless you can explain it away. Maybe keep an online calendar that he can see, that can show where he is, if he has a job or something that will put him out of touch for a few hours.

You need to get your boyfriend involved and keep him in touch with your schedule to prevent him from thinking the worst. Doing this will make him trust you more and you will start to trust him more.

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