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How Do I Find Exact Spec For My BMW Car?

Exact Spec For My BMW Car

A car’s Vehicle Identification Number – that seemingly random string of 17 digits that appears on the dash or door jamb – is much more important than you might think. It reveals all sorts of information about the car, from its features to when it was built and where. It can even be used to trace the history of a used vehicle and uncover issues such as title washing, odometer rollbacks, or undisclosed damage reports.

For anyone serious about owning a BMW, it’s essential to know the exact spec of any model you might be considering buying. Getting all the facts helps you make the right choice for your lifestyle and budget. Spec details include everything from fuel efficiency and top speed to dimensions, running costs and more. Parkers makes it easy to find all the key data on any BMW model – just enter the VIN below to reveal the full engine specifications.

Special ordering a new BMW is becoming more and more popular amongst customers. This involves configuring a car online with the precise options you want, and then either placing an order directly with your local dealer or through a specialist service such as Cartelligent. By doing so, you can avoid the wait time associated with buying a car that’s already on the lot and take advantage of any available lease or finance incentives.

How Do I Find Exact Spec For My BMW Car?

The online configurator for any bmw specs lets you tailor the vehicle to your exact requirements, and also save the bespoke configuration as a PDF to send to your dealer or use as a guide when visiting the showroom. The site is user-friendly, with a clear breakdown of all the available options and their prices (as well as any additional charges such as paint or alloy wheel colours).

When you place your order, the system sends you a confirmation email with the production date and build week attached. You can then keep track of the build process via the timeline displayed on the website, which is updated every 24 hours. If your car has individual options, such as a unique interior or paint color, these can cause delays in the production and shipping process and may even push back your delivery.

BMW is known for its exceptional handling characteristics, and this is achieved through meticulous suspension tuning. Many BMW models feature adaptive suspension systems that can be customized to provide a comfortable ride for daily commutes or a firmer setup for spirited driving on winding roads. The suspension specifications, such as the type of suspension (e.g., MacPherson strut or multi-link), are crucial in determining a BMW’s handling prowess.

In the unlikely event that your car doesn’t make it onto the shipment schedule you can still request a change, but this is extremely rare and will only be granted for vehicles with US delivery priority 1.Another critical aspect of BMW specs is the transmission. Most BMWs come with an 8-speed automatic transmission that offers smooth gear shifts and excellent fuel efficiency. For those who prefer a more engaged driving experience, BMW’s M models often offer a 6-speed manual option.

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