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How Much Is 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

200 Hour Yoga Teacher

If you’re thinking about taking your yoga practice and teaching skills to the next level, a 200 hour yoga teacher training might be right for you. However, with so many programs popping up around the world, it can be difficult to discern which ones are high quality and worth your investment. Here are some things to look out for as you shop around:

Make sure that the program is certified with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga School (RYS) or at least affiliated with one. You will want to be able to register your teacher training hours with Yoga Alliance after the course is complete, so you’ll need to know that your program is legitimate.

A good program will have a diverse curriculum that covers all the important topics you need to feel confident teaching a class. Ideally, it will include plenty of hands-on teaching experience and go beyond the yoga sutras to explore holistic yogic lifestyle practices.

How Much Is 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

You’ll also want to check out the trainers’ qualifications and experience. It’s best to find a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training led by teachers that have at least two years of teaching experience and are well-versed in the process of leading teacher trainings.

The number of students in the training is another thing to consider. Having a small group will allow you to get more personalized instruction and attention as you work through the program. Too many people in a yoga teacher training can be overwhelming and may not provide enough opportunity for students to ask questions, express their opinions, and fully participate in the training.

If you’re able, try to find a yoga teacher training that includes a yoga assisting internship. Assisting is a valuable part of any 200 hour teacher training program, as it helps students develop confidence in their own abilities and learn how to teach with ease.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to let your supervisor at work know that you will be attending a yoga teacher training so they can help accommodate your work schedule. This will be especially helpful if you typically work late nights or weekends, as it will give them a heads up that you may need to be away from your desk for a few weeks.

As the birthplace of yoga, India is a popular destination for 200 hour teacher trainings. It’s not uncommon to find a top notch training in this country for less than $1,200, which is about half the price of most trainings in the United States. If you’re able to travel for your RYT 200, it can be an amazing way to deepen your yoga knowledge and experience while enjoying the culture of your chosen location.

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