How Much is a Botox Course?

Botox Course

The cost of a Botox course can vary greatly, depending on the experience and expertise of the trainers and whether hands-on training is included. The truth is, it’s expensive to hire experienced cosmetic injectors who are well trained in Botox and other dermal fillers. Non-medics who take a short, online Botox courses without the benefit of hands-on training can find themselves in trouble with their state licensing board after attempting to perform injectable procedures. This can lead to liability issues and a loss of license. Licensed medical providers should take a comprehensive in-person hands-on Botox and dermal filler injection training program that is offered in a real-world medical facility by an approved provider.

This type of course will cover a wide range of topics including facial anatomy and musculature, proper injection techniques, the benefits and risks of Botox and other FDA-approved neurotoxin products (Xeomin(r), Dysport(r)) and how to store and handle these products within your practice. It will also teach how to hold a proper patient consultation and assess each patient’s needs to deliver effective treatment results. You will also learn about a variety of advanced injectable techniques such as the DentoX LIFT, an exclusive technique that Dr. Katz has developed to dramatically improve jawline and cheekbone aesthetics using only injectables.

In addition to hands-on Botox training, a quality Botox course will include lectures on the chemistry of botulinum neurotoxins and the physiology of the muscles and tendons that control them. It will also discuss how to identify the appropriate areas for injectables, how to perform the procedure safely and how to correct poor results from another practitioner or asymmetries in the face. The course will also offer tips on how to market your new skills and attract patients to your practice.

How Much is a Botox Course?

The most important part of any Botox course is the hands-on training that will be provided in a real-world clinical setting. It is imperative that you select a provider with years of experience teaching the course and whose instructors are medically trained physicians (ideally plastic surgeons and other multi-specialty trained aesthetic doctors). This will ensure you receive thorough, high-quality training in this highly popular procedure.

At Empire, our 8-hour lecture and hands on Botox course is a top choice for practitioners who want to become certified in Cosmetic Injectables. It is fully accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and has been approved by Empire’s Physician Advisory Board, which is comprised of prominent plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Empire also offers an optional combination one-day Botox and Dermal Filler training course. Those who register for both courses will receive an automatic $200 discount. The day-long course consists of Botox Hands-on Training in the morning and Dermal Filler Hands-on Training in the afternoon. This convenient course schedule allows practitioners to complete both injectable courses in a single day and get back to work. Tuition for this comprehensive and intensive neurotoxin and dermal filler training course includes all onsite botulinum toxin products (Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport) needed to perform the injectables on live patients.

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