How to maintain spiritual balance

How to maintain spiritual balance

Maintaining spiritual balance comes with understanding the loss and gain that exists in spirituality. The rules that apply to a spiritual gain and loss are not the same as those seen from a carnal perspective. A good example of understanding how this works is to look at the story of David and Goliath in the Holy Bible. David’s lack of height, weight, and battle experience should make Goliath easily defeat him. From a carnal perspective, this would be David’s loss and Goliath’s gain and would make logical sense. In the spirit world, David’s lack described above can easily be overcome by his faith and strength in spirit, while the opposite is true for Goliath. Maintaining spiritual balance requires that we understand how principles of this nature apply to our daily lives. The three cases described below help us understand more deeply how spiritual balance is sustained.

spiritual cleansing

Spiritual cleansing doesn’t look at what we bring to our body. See what is in our hearts and spirits. If we possess a clean heart and a spirit of obedience to God’s word, then we are rewarded with a place in his kingdom. The balance is maintained in spiritual cleanliness by the mere fact that we cannot die from the physical. The balance is also maintained here by the fact that our true death is not from loss of life but from loss of a place in the kingdom of God. Death is not the fear of spiritual cleansing but hell.

death for the unjust

Another way of seeing how the balance of spiritual balance is possible is captured in these words from the Holy Bible: ‘For scarcely shall any die for a just; however, perhaps some will dare to die for a good man. But God shows his love for us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’

These words show us that despite the bad actions we commit, there is a safety net when accepting Christ in our lives. His death is our path to God and a means to seek justice. Looking at things from a carnal perspective would make no sense in this reasoning for why our Lord should die for sinners. The death of our Lord here is our gain in maintaining spiritual balance. This shows that God loves us and makes sure that we always have the option to turn to him.

The offense of one is the death of many

In another sense, the spiritual balance is also maintained in these words of the Scriptures: ‘But not as the offense, so is the gift. For if by the transgression of one the many died, much more abounded for the many the grace of God, and the gift by the grace of one man, Jesus Christ. These words of scripture are written in reference to the sin committed by Adam in the Garden of Eden and how we are rescued from this sin through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The mystery behind the spiritual world is difficult to understand when we use worldly wisdom. However, we can see that God has a plan to save us from whatever situation we find ourselves in. If death came to us through the sin of one man, Adam, then life is returned to us through the righteousness of one man, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Spiritual balance allows us to understand God’s wisdom and love for us. If you reason carnally it makes no logical sense. It is also a means by which we know that there is a reward in store for us despite the long suffering or tribulation we may face in life.

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