Hygiene Austria: Mask crime: Supermarkets are waiting for the investigation

Hygiene Austria: Mask crime: Supermarkets are waiting for the investigation

Grocers are considering further steps. Hygiene Austria cannot currently answer how many FFP2 masks come from China, an inventory is still ongoing.

1:43 p.m., March 16, 2021


The domestic supermarket chains want to await the ongoing investigations by the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (WKStA) against the mask manufacturer Hygiene Austria and only then decide on how to proceed. The Lenzing and Palmers subsidiary had some of the masks made by another company in China – without mentioning it.

“At the moment, the issue of Hygiene Austria has not yet been finally clarified, so we are waiting for the investigation for the time being,” said Spar on APA request. “If you cannot prove to us that the products were produced in Austria, we reserve the right to claim damages.” The Billa mother Rewe and Hofer are also waiting for the time being. “We are currently examining legal steps, but are waiting for the public prosecutor’s office to investigate”said a Rewe spokesman. “We are waiting for the final results of the investigation in question and will closely monitor further developments in order to decide on further steps,” said von Hofer.

Spar, Rewe (Billa, Bipa, Merkur, Penny) and Hofer emphasizedto have sufficient FFP2 masks from other manufacturers. Lidl Austria has not bought any FFP2 masks from Hygiene Austria.

Taken from the range at the beginning of March

Of the The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) is considering having a court determine whether the indication of origin “Made in Austria” was permissible for Hygiene Austria masks. The supermarket chains had sold millions of Hygiene Austria masks in shops, service providers and public transport since the FFP2 mask requirement introduced on January 25th. After the house search at the local mask manufacturer Spar, Rewe, Hofer and dm as well as other retailers took the Hygiene Austria masks out of their range on March 4th.

Last Saturday, Hygiene Austria published a catalog of questions and answers and numerous documents on its website as part of a “transparency offensive”. The exact number of FFP2 masks produced in Austria and China is still not clear two weeks after the house search. “How many of the masks come from the certified and quality-assured contract manufacturer or were put on the market cannot be answered at the moment,” writes Hygiene Austria on its website. “The inventory at the location is just being carried out – as far as currently possible. But you will be surprised how few that are in proportion. “

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