Maui Fire Lawyers File Class Action Lawsuits Against Hawaiian Electric

Maui Fire Lawyers File Class Action Lawsuits

Maui fire lawyers are preparing to file multiple lawsuits against the company responsible for the Lahaina wildfires, which destroyed hundreds of homes, businesses and historic sites in August 2023. Lawsuits against Hawaiian Electric claim the company’s downed power lines sparked fires that caused devastating losses.

The Maui fire lawyers was the most destructive wildfire in Hawaii history, claiming dozens of lives and destroying more than 2,200 structures. It was a disaster that also destroyed priceless personal possessions and displaced thousands of people.

According to the lawsuit filed by Monica and Rede Eder, the utility company knew for years that West Maui was at high risk of brush fires. The area was drier than other parts of the state due to climate change, and was overrun with non-native vegetation that was highly flammable. The class action claims that MECO didn’t take adequate measures to address this fire risk, and that the power lines downed during Hurricane Lane were a major factor in the fires.

Maui Fire Lawyers File Class Action Lawsuits Against Hawaiian Electric

The lawsuit claims that the utility company’s downed power lines triggered fires by sparking dry grass. Experts say there is a very low chance of fires starting when power lines are properly insulated and not touching ground. The lawsuit accuses the utility company of negligence and trespass, and seeks damages for property damage, loss of value, inconvenience, distress, and injury to mental health.

Our Maui wildfire attorneys have significant experience with this type of litigation, and we know how to deal with powerful corporate defendants. Our firm has successfully litigated several major cases against PG&E, the California power company that is currently facing billions in liabilities over the Butte, North Bay, and Camp Fire disasters. We will fight for your rights in a lawsuit against HECO, just as we did for the residents of the communities affected by these senseless wildfires.

Maui fire lawsuit

If you live in or own a business in the West Maui community, and were affected by the massive Lahaina wildfires, our experienced Hawaii fire lawyers are available to review your case. We will explain your legal options and determine whether you may be entitled to compensation for property damage, loss of income, emotional trauma, or injury to your pets or loved ones.

During our initial consultation, you will meet with one of our Maui fire lawyers to discuss your case. We will ask you about your circumstances and how the fires impacted you, and we will give you our honest opinion of what we think you might be able to recover. We will also answer any questions you have about the process of filing a lawsuit.

If we believe you have a viable lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric, we will let you know right away. Our law firm handles fire and utility-related injuries on a contingency fee basis, so you won’t pay any fees upfront unless we win your case. If we do win your case, we will collect our payment from the defendants and send you a check for any compensation awarded to you.

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