Meet Marian Pabon

Born in 1958, Marian Pabon is a famous actress, comedian, and singer from Puerto Rico. She is the daughter of one of the most popular actors and directors in Puerto Rico, Mario Pabón, and was named after her father. Therefore, fame is not a foreign word for Marian, as she grew up in the spotlight.

Marian became a household name in Puerto Rico through her appearances on various soap operas. She was active in three different soap operas until 1989. When soap operas were eliminated in Puerto Rico, Marian began acting in theater for a period of 10 years. With her natural gift for singing and dancing, she also starred in various musical works as a dancer or singer.

Her experience in the theater also made it possible for Marian to hone her talent in comedy. One of his most prominent comic characters is “Paola”, an incompetent magician’s assistant. Whenever her chief magician failed his magic tricks, Paola saved him by prancing across the stage and turning it into a cheesecake display through her shape-hugging fabric.

Soon after, Marian recorded an album and had two minor hits: her cover of Chubby Checker’s “Let’s Twist Again” and her original song “Se Entero Tu Mujer” (Your Wife Knows).

Marian also starred in “El Condominio,” a television comedy series with René Monclova. She played the character of Brenda Q., an assertive Niuyorican who became a madam after being a successful prostitute. This television series lasted seven years, from 1999 to 2006. He also starred in different films such as “Detour to Paradise” and several musical comedy productions such as “Audrey in The Little Shop of Horrors”, “Roxie Hart in Chicago” and “Damn Yankees”.

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