Overtime tricks: AK and ÖGB locate “perfidious foul play” |  Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Overtime tricks: AK and ÖGB locate “perfidious foul play” | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Kurze Kündigungsfristen für Arbeiter sollen wegfallen. Nun ortet die Gewerkschaft ein „Foulspiel“ der Arbeitgeber.

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Innsbruck, Vienna – Already in 2017, the parliament decided to align the notice periods for blue-collar and white-collar workers. However, the economy was given a transition period. Now the ÖGB insists in a broadcast on the planned implementation for July 1st.

The reason for the current protest is that, from the union’s point of view, the economy is “currently trying everything to boycott the alignment”. In this way, government members and members of the National Council are exerted to delay the entry into force of the new provisions. It is particularly “perfidious” that collective bargaining agreements are blocked by employers as long as there are no concessions on the termination provisions. What is meant is the leasing of labor, where nothing has been going on in the negotiations since December because the industry wants to be regarded as a “seasonal industry”, as there are exceptions to the harmonization of deadlines for these.

The Tyrol Chamber of Labor (AK) also complains about injustices. Again and again, contrary to the agreed level of employment, personnel are not fully taken into account in the drafting of the duty roster, criticized the AK in a broadcast on Thursday. The result is that there are minus hours on the time account, which are then offset against work that occurs outside of the duty roster. In this constellation, overtime surcharges would actually be due.

“This is not the way to deal with employees and we will legally fight every case that we become aware of,” emphasizes AK President Erwin Zangerl. The service law is clear in this case. That would be particularly blatant in nursing, an area in which the situation is already tense. This is a procedure that has to be stopped, said Zangerl. (TT)

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