Raspberry Ketones: What This Berry Extract May Mean For Your Health And Weight Loss

Raspberry Ketones: What This Berry Extract May Mean For Your Health And Weight Loss

Raspberry Ketones are a naturally occurring phenolic and active compound in red raspberry. In addition to being used to flavor and color foods, raspberry ketone is found in cosmetics and perfumes. Although popular, it is not cheap and people who use the phenolic often pay upwards of $20,000 per kilo. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted a comprehensive investigation in 1965 to see how safe raspberry ketones were for the general population. After research, it was granted GRAS status by the FDA, which means that it has been certified as safe for use.


For the past five years, raspberry ketones have been linked to weight loss. According to a 2005 Life Science study, ketones are responsible for increasing the breakdown of fat in the human body. A 2008 study also revealed that the ketone extracted from raspberries contains certain antioxidants that are similar to those found in synephrine and capsaicin. These antioxidants are believed to help convert fat into energy. It is also believed to increase a person’s energy levels, again aiding in weight loss through increased resistance during exercise. The effectiveness of this berry-extracted ketone is believed to be doubled when taken with acai berry and green tea.


A study conducted by Ehime University revealed the possibility that raspberry ketones may be beneficial for women suffering from breast cancer. This is again due to antioxidants, which scientists refer to as anti-cancer agents. While it will not cure cancer, it is believed to improve a woman’s chances of surviving cancer after treatment.


The antioxidants contained in raspberry ketones also play a key role in protecting the body against cell damage and disease. The supplement encourages the body to release a certain hormone that protects against type 2 diabetes. It may also help reduce the buildup of fatty plaque on the walls of the liver and arteries. This reduces a person’s chances of developing serious liver conditions, such as cirrhosis and cancer.

Other benefits

One of the biggest benefits associated with raspberry ketones is the fact that they take a very short time to work in the body. Taken regularly and combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan, it has been linked to weight loss and better health in as little as two weeks, according to a Harvard University study.


Studies support that raspberry ketones are instrumental in weight loss, disease prevention, and an overall improvement in a person’s well-being; however, there are still certain things to consider. For example, for a person to lose a significant amount of weight while using the berry ketone extract, he would have to consume a whole raspberry bush. Considering the cost of ketones, this may not really be an option for a weight loss supplement. A 2005 study that took place in Switzerland saw scientists feeding mice ketones. The results seemed to indicate that instead of helping to break down fat, the ketones hindered the growth of fat cells. While this would lead to weight loss, there are also potential health concerns. Studies also indicated that the raspberry ketone dose would need to be at least triple the recommended dose, in order to improve a person’s energy levels to any noticeable degree. Fortunately, however, with time and technology, the production cost of raspberry ketone has dropped significantly, making it a much more affordable weight loss supplement.

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