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Review of the book of “My beloved world”

Sonia Sotomayor’s memoirs in “My Beloved World” were a refreshing reminder that character is a critical component of success.

Sonia’s parents were from Puerto Rico, where they had very humble beginnings on each side of the family. This appreciation shaped Sonia’s character from an early age. Although she was naturally smart and determined, it was her character that got her to where she is today. I suspect that God has also had His hand on her life.

Sonia had juvenile diabetes and injected herself with insulin since she was eight years old. She attended parochial schools for which her mother worked long hours to pay, while raising her children as a widow and living on the projects. Sonia’s father had been an alcoholic and died when she was in elementary school.

Sonia had a marriage for a few years that ended in divorce. She never remarried or had children.

Although discrimination could be a part of life, Sonia never let it affect her. She concentrated on her education and earned a college degree, law school, became a district attorney, judge, and justice of the United States Supreme Court.

I have never paid much attention or understood politics and the news. I do not know your position on various issues. I can tell from her memories that she appears to be calm, collected and collected under pressure, that it is a trait that we could all improve upon. Even when you have been discriminated against or insulted by a prejudiced person, you have been the best person by not returning those words. Instead, use wisdom to discern the right words to address the situation.

Without knowing her, from these memories, I respect the grace with which she has used her throughout her life. She is a role model for anyone who is willing to take the path of wisdom, rather than madness. He learned to listen and choose his words wisely. Although she encountered the obstacles of discrimination, she caught the attention of people along the way who saw something in her.

You never know who is looking at you. You can look for the traps of material wealth and fame by taking shortcuts, or you can stay firm and focused, grateful for your blessings and work hard and stand up for something. Those seeking temporary gratification can get what they seek, without even considering that there may be something better out there. Those who appreciate and respect life can be pleasantly surprised when that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself, such as being appointed to the Supreme Court. Good for you Sonia. Well deserved.

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