Simple Steps to Finding the Right Australian Shepherd Puppy for You

When looking for your own Australian Shepherd, be it standard, teacup, or miniature Australian, there are two options you can consider. You can go to a rescue group or find a breeder. If you choose a rescue group and would like to adopt a puppy in this way, there are some tips to know.

Rescue groups are a group of volunteers who will take Australian Shepherds and give them up for adoption. Most of their dogs are purebred, but some of them could be mixed Australian. The dogs they offer could have been found on the street or abandoned by their owners. One way or another, they are generally tested for all common illnesses. Vicious dogs are not generally accepted in these groups. However, you may want to check if they received all of their vaccinations.

The responsible group will likely ask you several questions to determine which of the dogs in the litter is the perfect match. They will analyze your personality, your daily activities, and your own preferences in order to do so.

If you have specific requirements, such as hair color, gender, or age, it might take some time to find the right one. If you have no preferences, you can go there and choose yourself.

If you are unsure about rescue groups, but still want to get your own Australian, you may want to consider the second option: finding a breeder.

There are many ways to find a breeder. You can ask a neighbor for references or you can attend dog shows. In these programs you will probably get acquainted with the breeders in your region and will be able to exchange business cards. Don’t be afraid to talk to people, they can probably recommend someone or just tell you who to stay away from. If the breeder seems too eager and wants to rush his decision, just choose another. They probably want to sell you a dog that is sick.

Also, the right breeder will ask you questions. You must express some interest in your lifestyle and your needs. Like you, he is probably an Australian lover, and his goal is to find a family to take care of him and carry him. If you don’t seem to be paying too much attention, it’s probably not a good clue.

Once you have chosen the breeder, they will need to select the puppy for you. There are a couple of items that you should check with the breeder:

1. Ask about the dog’s roles – Ideally, you should see five generations listed there. This will ensure you a good lineage.
2. Was the pregnancy planned or unplanned? An unplanned pregnancy could mean that your Australian is not purebred. You may not care if you are looking for a home pet, but this will be crucial if you want a dog for pet shows.
3. Investigate the faults of the mother and father. A good breeder will be frank about it.

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